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A Look Back on Verloop.io in 2021

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A Look Back on Verloop.io in 2021

It’s time to reflect on the past year (Verloop.io in 2021). Our achievements and challenges and along with it the goals we set for ourselves in the new year 2022. 

From moving business to online platforms to enhancing digital experiences everybody has been set up for a journey of Digital Transformation. And we at Verloop.io ensured that we could do all to enable businesses to further on that journey. 

It was a year of unlearning the old and learning the new. For our own teams, for our customers, for partners and for each stakeholder involved in the process. At Verloop.io, we were determined to be useful to all businesses alike across the globe in how they engage with their customers and handle their support queries.

We ensured that Customer Support was one thing less to worry about for them amidst the pandemic crisis. 

And as another year comes to an end, we wanted to consciously think over the year that was 2021. Below we share this year’s milestones and our goals for 2022. 

Expanding teams, boundaries and more

One key focus for businesses in 2021 was to expand their digital presence and strengthen their customer communication. With that in mind, we supported our customers in every way possible. 

The journey of moving communication from offline to online isn’t easy. Especially when your customers are everywhere from Instagram to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger besides traditional channels such as the web and mobile app. (Yes, we provide our customers with omnichannel and multilingual support!) 

We are grateful to our new customers for selecting us as their trusted partner for their customer support automation and our existing clients for trusting us with their digital transformation in customer support. With your support, we could increase our customer base by 5x and turn millions of frustrated customers into happy advocates of your brand.

We are now more than 110 Loopers in the company.

To enable all our clients in the best way possible, we expanded our team. While we are all working remotely, we are united by our passion and dedication to support our customers and ensure their end users can have delightful support experiences.

We have also set up offices in UAE, Singapore and South Africa to be closer to our clientele while we make our solution available for customers worldwide. 

Key highlight: New Chat UI

They say change is the only constant and we couldn’t agree more. In the past year, a lot changed. One of the things that changed (or should we say evolved) was our platform. We gave it a makeover with a brand new UI that’s faster, functional and friendly.  

The new Chat UI is modern, fresh and clean. ​​We’ve simplified the user experience with the help of research that we conducted with our customers to empower agent productivity and inspire creativity within the support function of your organisation. With these considerations in mind, the new chat UI design visualises the product and the user’s interaction with the product in a more intuitive fashion 

Every day, we ask ourselves one question and that is “How do we empower our customers to create delightful support experiences for their end-users?” And that is the core of everything we do at Verloop.io. Answers to this question take us one step closer to our mission of creating The OS of customer support.

With customers at the centre of our mission, we build features based on their feedback and growth in mind. Some of our biggest launches were:

Enhanced customer experience

Conversations are complex and that’s why it’s important your AI can handle customers queries effortlessly. Veca, your virtual e-commerce assistant, is equipped to recognise multiple intents in the same query and resolve their queries effectively. We also introduced Outreach this year so you can reduce the load on your support agents and proactively communicate with your customers. And to ensure a seamless CX, we incorporated Nudge and Queue Position features as well. 

Smarter AI

Your AI can cost you your client if not done right. That’s why it’s important to upgrade your AI frequently. Our ML team enhanced the natural language understanding (NLU) of the AI by training it on more intents and entities covering different industry use cases, detecting modules and synonyms, etc. The team also worked on the NLP system to build a smarter FAQ section and add more multilingual capabilities. 

On our journey of building The OS for Customer Support as well as offering delightful support experiences to businesses, we want to ensure that our reach is spread across tech and business ecosystems. And our partners have helped us widen our reach. 

Growing together with our Partners

One of the ways of providing delightful support experiences is by partnering with leading companies from different industries. We’ve established partnerships with companies across India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia to help our customer base achieve their support goals faster and in the most efficient manner possible. Some of the new partners added this year include, Vonage, AeroCRS and Vinculum

We plan to add more partners to our kitty and make Verloop.io available to million of enterprises that are looking to deploy AI-powered conversational support for their end customers. For that, we took it upon us to go meet these businesses one to one, understand their business requirements and expectations for a Conversational Support solution. 

GITEX 2021 and other offline events

As the world started showing signs of opening up, we took that leap of faith to meet and greet our customers and prospective clients. We couldn’t be happier to participate in GITEX 2021 once again. The 41st version of GITEX Technology Week 2021 was held in person between Oct 17th and 21st at the Dubai World Trade Centre. As the world’s leading conversational AI company, Verloop.io participated in the biggest tech event in the MENA region. In this 5 day event, we got to interact with entrepreneurs, business owners, global tech leaders, customer service representatives and more about how we can help companies transform their engagement with their customers along the entire customer lifecycle. 

In addition to this, we also held an offline event in collaboration with Transformance Forums. Conversational AI Congress and Expo got together leaders in this space to talk and discuss how to create a seamless and personalised customer experience at scale. Experts in AI, customer experience and conversational AI assembled on December 8th in Bengaluru to showcase how conversational AI is strengthening and becoming the new normal for customer experience. 

Conversations with industry experts

The Twenty-Minute Moat podcast continued on its quest to be the go-to resource that talks about all things customer support, conversational AI and automation. With a dozen speakers featured in season 2 of the podcast from brands like OLX, Bajaj Allianz, CrackVerbal etc. there were plenty of insightful conversations. 

The podcast also explored the video format along with its presence on all major streaming platforms. The conversations with decision-makers from a wide array of industries such as e-commerce, banking and insurance, fintech and crypto, edtech, did prove to be extremely interesting and insightful for the listeners and viewers of the podcast. Here are a few things some of our speakers had to say about the customer support space.

‘You have to showcase empathy. You have to make sure to tell the customer that you understand what they are going through. You have to tell the person that you understand what’s happened, not just at the surface, but even the emotion behind it.’ – Sameer Nagpal, WazirX

‘If you use the right combination of man and machine, you can do wonders. The multilingual aspect, humanizing the digital, and then this combination of man and machine – these three areas are what you will see in the area of automation and bots over the next few years.’ – Dipu K V, Bajaj Allianz 


2021 saw quite a wide variety of webinars that looked at various aspects of the customer support space, diverse industries and the Verloop.io platform. At the start of the year and at a time when the impact of the pandemic was at its peak, we looked at how the ed-tech industry was coping and how customers were being catered to. 

Throughout 2021 the webinars that were conducted featured industry leaders from renowned brands like Byjus, Bajaj Allianz, Cuemath, Noise, Travelxp etc. along with a few webinars that showcased some of Verloop.io’s cutting edge capabilities. Check all of them out here

Content that connected

From having industry experts opening up about their challenges around dealing with customer support to educating our users about the AI capabilities of the product; from strengthening our product to having one-to-one conversations with customers – there is a whole lot of effort we put in to ensure that we are providing the truly AI-Powered Conversation AI for Customer Support. 

It wasn’t just the platform that got an upgrade. We gave an uplift to our website making the visitors and prospects easy to consume content in a super seamless navigable fashion. After all, that’s the first place our prospects and clients look for us. And that’s why we wanted to talk more about the challenges our customers face, how our product fixes it for them and how it can augment the overall customer experience in a safe and secure environment. After all, our website is our first spokesperson! 

Our website traffic has been growing consistently month-on-month thanks to the educational content that the team has been publishing. We’ve seen 188% growth in traffic and a 164.91% increase in organic traffic. Thanks to our readers and listeners for engaging with our content and we look forward to keeping you up to date with everything on conversational AI and customer support in the next year as well. 

Content to Crunch, before you step into 2022!

On the rise

It’s time to brag and yet stay humble. We power 1 Million conversations in a single day. Every day, we’ve been working on delivering delightful experiences by enhancing the platform one feature at a time. So, it’s motivating when we see the results of our efforts. 

  • From 22 badges across 4 categories viz: Bot Platform, Live Chat, Chatbot, and Conversational Support in the G2 Fall Report 2021 to 31 badges across 5 categories in G2 Winter Report 2022 – Verloop.io has outshined all its competitors including Haptik, Yellow.ai. Users Love Us – We received this badge (recognition) for the third consecutive time in G2 reports. And this speaks volumes about our commitment to treading the product in the right direction and solving our customers’ pain points.
g2 badges
G2 Badges from Winter 2022 Report
  • Gartner recognised Verloop.io in their conversational AI platform providers.
  • Verloop.io was also covered by ANI, CNBC TV18, Forbes, CXO, Gulf News and more

Tough times don’t last, Loopers do! 

Yes! We at Verloop.io strongly believe in being compassionate and not leaving a chance to make this world a better place to live. All the loopers showed a similar kind of empathy when the world was struggling during the second wave of the pandemic. 

We joined in the battle to procure and distribute oxygen cylinders to both individuals and hospitals. We provided free WhatsApp Chatbots to NGOs, such as KVN Foundation, that were leading humanitarian initiatives to streamline their communication. In addition to this, we collaborated with our friends from the startup community to help raise funds. 

It fills our hearts with love and positivity that our team took time out of their busy schedule to take turns answering/directing queries in a timely manner. And that’s what we call #looperlife <3

The way forward

There is no looking back. We make mistakes, learn our lessons, achieve milestones and muster the courage to experiment with more cool stuff and be the best Conversational AI provider for Customer Support not only in India but across the globe. 

We continue to build on our mission of building The OS for Customer Support. Chat and Voice AI are going to be key pillars for any enterprise looking to automate their customer support for the next-gen of customers. And we are going to ensure that we up our product capabilities with rapidly changing consumer needs, the paradigm shift happening across the retail and e-commerce ecosystem and the new normal we all are getting used to with each passing day. 

As we keep expanding across geographies, build more tech capabilities to up the ante around Customer Support, and pivot how brands engage with their customers – our core foundation is going to remain the same – Building Delightful Support Experiences!


Happy Customers = Happy You!

And Happy you = Happy Us! 

For now, it’s a wrap for 2021. To you and your families – Happy New Year, 2022!

Team Verloop.io

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