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Why Are We Building Verloop?

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Why Are We Building Verloop?

We get you all the insights that why are we building Verloop. The Verloop bot also deploys within minutes, allowing for an overnight revamp of how your company tackles customer engagement.

Why are we building Verloop?


The little heard of the phenomenon, that’s redefining the 21st century.

If you ever make the trip to the Sub Saharan country of Rwanda, you’ll probably be very surprised.
Filled with smiling schoolchildren who smile and wave at every car, you’d believe technology simply passed them by. 2017 marks only 23 years since the Rwandan Genocide, a truly horrific tragedy that killed upwards of one million locals in a less than a 100 day period. You’d think they lived in thatched houses, dressed in loose cloth with those weird circular dial phones that your grandparents used.

rwanda crime stats
The country was rocked by this senseless violence.
african people

Nothing would be further from the truth.

Powered largely by hydroelectric energy, Rwanda is served by seven foreign airlines, is filled with citizens with top-of-the-range smartphones that put the US to shame. These phones are even powered by carriers that promise to run a nationwide 4G coverage by the end of 2017. Not even India or China has that.

This is even more surprising given that almost no Rwandan children have ever used a landline phone in their lives. People will tell you that technological growth in the world has been a gradual rollout; it hasn’t. It’s been exponential. The progress society has made over the past ten years is more than it has made in the twenty before. The progress we made in the past twenty, more than the previous forty; and so on.

Rwandans simply avoided the clunky, slow, obsolete landline and went straight to the new and redefined. They leapfrogged.
This is the fuel that drives Verloop, day in and day out.

Don’t Stay Still, Make The Leap – Verloop

At Verloop, we know that modern sales and marketing tools are based on tools from more than a decade ago. Emails, pop up notifications, cold calls, and advertisements, all intrinsically made to annoy the customer, rather than attract. Companies forcing themselves into the view of their consumers, crowding their airspace and inbox was the war cry for marketers across the world. But society has moved on, with the advent of social media and messaging applications, it isn’t about who screams the loudest anymore.

Companies that talk to their consumers are the companies that get to walk with them.

Companies that fail to implement chatbots will die out, in the same way, that companies who failed to implement social media did a few years prior.

The shift in culture is clear to see,

  • 56% of customers, would rather message than call Customer Service.
  • 61% of customers, like getting personalized messages from businesses.
  • 67% of customers, expect to message businesses even more in future.
  • 55% of customers are more likely to trust business they can message.

Companies have tried to talk to their customers, only to realize that this presence of this 24/7 human support is not only incredibly expensive, but also volatile; a single bad representative can mean hundreds of disappointed and frustrated customers.

Read: 2018 is the year, we change sales!

Enter Chatbots, Enter Verloop.

verloop chatbot ai powered
Be a part of the Change at Verloop.

If you’ve ever searched for a conversational solution that is consistent, context-driven, easily compatible and cheap, you’re in the right place.

The vocabulary we use with our friends and family doesn’t cross over in company interactions with clients. Single word commands like “download”, “log-in”, “click here” are how businesses suffer from social communication disorders and lose customers. FAQ pages are possibly the laziest crime in website usability, convenient long lists that assume what you want. Call-based customer service forces themselves into the lives of the consumers, pulling them out of meetings and human interactions. Think about it, when was the last time someone sold you something over a phone call?

This is why we started building Verloop.

Verloop provides your business with unique opportunity to make the jump, and connect with your customers. Verloop has an automated customer engagement platform offers up to 43.17% conversion rate on leads, far above the industry average of 3% on simple web-forms and FAQ pages. Your Verloop bot is self-learning, it’s constantly tracking customer replies in real time to constantly tweak its approach to become even more efficient, maximizing every interaction it has.

Chatbots, and Verloop by extension, are in a state of the exponential growth, similar to the one I talked about before. Soon, company’s conversations with their customers will be almost indistinguishable from their human counterparts, and with Verloop help, maybe even better.

Verloop is not done yet, Verloop is a Work in Progress.

Update: Verloop is more secure now!

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