’s Year In Review – 2020

By Gaurav Singh / In / January 7, 2021 / 11 min read

2020 was a rough year. We take a look at what it was like from inside - and what 2021 holds in store.

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Auto-reply for WhatsApp: A Guide for 2021

By Anush Clive Fernandes / In WhatsApp / January 15, 2021 / 7 Min read

Learn how to set-up auto-reply for WhatsApp either through the means of a WhatsApp chatbot or through the settings button of your WhatsApp business account.

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Conversational AI is Enhancing the Current Support Experience

By Niharika Ayyagari / In Conversational AI / December 31, 2020 / 5 Min read

Conversational AI has become a necessity for businesses to increase their customer satisfaction scale. Let's see how that's done.

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