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20 Mins is all it takes to learn how you can revolutionise your customer support by leveraging the power of Voice and Chat AI! We speak to the biggest game-changers in the industry!

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“If there is a journey that is 50% or 60% repetitive work automation can do that much faster. It also frees up time for people to spend more time with customers – being more empathetic, focusing more on their communication, on the delivery. Which in the longer term, enhances a customer’s expectation”

Sameer Nagpal, WazirX

“With intelligent technologies deployed at the system level, we have automated significant parts of our processes. Something which is very routine like say ticket categorizations or automating generic customer queries or sending out surveys or, automating answer recommendations or solutions, these help in quicker resolutions, no doubt, so it really makes sense to do so.”

Sumitra Patnaik, OLX India

“Building the customer experience is what will make the customer delightful. How his experience is with not only with the brand, with the product, but even with the service team. How they are handling his queries, complaints.What is being told, what is not being told.”

Sunil Wankhade, Evergreen Community (Seniority)

“I think in the past, if you talk about a delightful experience, things used to be a lot more transactional. Now people have started thinking about qualities like empathy, like how well you are able to empathise with the customers and are able to ensure that you’re getting into their shoes and understanding the entire problem from their perspective.”

Danish Muti, Scaler Academy

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