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Verloop.io Partners with AeroCRS to Delight Customers on WhatsApp

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Verloop.io Partners with AeroCRS to Delight Customers on WhatsApp

AeroCRS, a leader in the travel technology industry, and Verloop.io collaborated to provide a seamless ticket booking experience on WhatsApp for a leading airline provider. 

AeroCRS provides cutting-edge solutions to the travel industry and supports more than 80 customers around the world.

Their solutions focus on expanding airline and ferry operator’s online presence with robust service systems. Some of their services include:

AeroCRS PSS – a robust cloud reservation system. It consists of enhanced inventory management, a full IBE, open API, B2B platform, FFP, reporting centre, coupon system, marketing automation tools, and many more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution. AeroCRS Network – an online marketplace for airline content distribution to leading OTAs and MSEs.

Their aim is to expand airline presence in the online world and increase sales tickets via online ticketing platforms and new distribution technologies.

Lift Airline is South Africa’s leading airline travel provider. With AeroCRS’ services and Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform for WhatsApp, they delighted customers with an easy-to-use channel to perform various ticket booking activities. 

Together with AeroCRS, we helped Lift Airline become the world’s first airline provider to go live with contactless support. 

Users can now check availability, book tickets, make payments, get confirmation updates and also modify/cancel bookings. All on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging channel with 2 billion users around the world. 

Meeting client expectations

The world is going digital. Customers prefer performing tasks on online platforms. And the onset of the pandemic in 2020 expedited the process further.  

Customer service across industries had to level up without affecting customer experience. 

Through this partnership, customers can now perform diverse ticket booking activities on their WhatsApp messaging app — on mobile and web. That means customers have one more channel to connect with the company. They don’t have to rely solely on the company’s official website or mobile app to connect and communicate with them. 

Some of the activities that users can now perform on WhatsApp are:

1. Book and modify flight tickets seamlessly

Customers can book flight tickets and also modify them (i.e. cancel or reschedule) right out of their WhatsApp messaging app. They will also receive updates and notifications on WhatsApp. And in case the users need support, they can ask their queries on the same chat. Customers will no longer have to search for support contact details or wait on hold for long durations. 

2. Check flight availability on the world’s most downloaded app

Users can access flight information, availability, fares, etc. right at their fingertips on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp channel, it’s convenient for customers to do all activities through a single interface and get quick responses too. 

3. Secure online payment without leaving the platform

Passengers can make payments on the same platform where they are researching their flights. After selecting the flight, the user can select their preferred mode of payment and the airlines can provide a link wherein the user can make their payment securely in a few steps. 

4. Instant 24×7 support with conversational AI

Customers can find answers to their queries instantly. The conversational AI automates the frequently asked questions and understands the user’s intent to provide quick accurate answers. Sometimes, the question can be complex and require human intervention. In this case, the AI can intelligently route the query to an online agent. Along with it, the AI can share the context so the users don’t have to repeat themselves.  

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About Verloop.io

Verloop.io is the world’s leading conversational AI platform for customer support. We enable our clients to provide delightful support experiences on the web, mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. 

Verloop.io has worked with multiple travel brands such as Flyin, Abhibus, Travelstart, Cleartrip etc. to provide seamless customer support. We have helped brands reduce contact centre call volumes, improve agent efficiency and decrease operational costs.

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