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Redefine customer experience with conversational commerce

E-commerce companies use Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform to answer customer questions, handle repetitive tasks and remove friction in customer support across channels. Customers can shop and get seamless support without leaving the platform. Read More

Banking and FS

Advance your digital banking with conversational AI

Banking and Financial Services are providing digital solutions to their customers through Verloop.io’s conversation AI platform. Customers can now check their EMI details, apply for loans and transfer money from their preferred channel and language on the go. Read More

Real Estate

Support customers with conversational AI for real estate

Real Estate companies use Verloop.io to engage with customers on a personalised level using intelligent conversations. Companies can schedule site visits, submit/verify documents, reduce the sales cycle to increase conversion rates, and close more deals.. Read More


Up your travel experience game with conversational AI

Online Travel companies, with the help of Verloop.io’s AI-powered platform, are conversing with their users in natural language to boost customer engagement. They are providing support through a fast, simple, elegant, and robust experience. Read More


Provide premium support with conversational AI in insurance

Insurance companies use Verloop.io’s customer support automation platform to reduce manual workflows and free up employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers can select policy selection and file claims quickly, securely and accurately. Read More


Automate support with conversational AI in foodservice

Foodtech companies that use Verloop.io’s intelligent platform are solving to meet support demand using insights from the intuitive analytics dashboard. They are improving customer experience with real-time answers and notification. Read More


Ship the best customer support with conversational AI

Logistics companies on Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform build support that is scalable and customisable to meet customer needs. From automating low-level questions on order statuses and refund policies to tracking packages, they are simplifying processes. Read More


Make edtech interactive with conversational AI in education

Edtech companies on Verloop.io’s platform automate their interactions with teachers, parents and students through messaging and voice interfaces. Our conversational AI engages with customers on a personalised level on their preferred channel. Read More

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Proactive Customer Outreach
Proactive Customer Outreach

Fostering Success Together


More and more customers prefer self-serve over calls to agents. We have been collaborating with Verloop.io to drive this mission and have come a long way.

anuj sharma
Anuj Sharma
Product Manager, Nykaa

ChatBanking is a step in the direction of ADIB’s overall vision of ensuring customers can bank anywhere, anytime, in the language of their choice without any hassles.

siraj patel
Siraj Patel

Of course, the first response time has improved. So have the handling time for chats. I also have more visibility of all interactions between agents and customers.

fady jabrah
Fady Jabrah
Customer Experience Manager,

This feature is a great add-on to the tool. The value it brings in terms of time-saving and effective writing is simply amazing and super helpful. With this feature, we were able to save time and increase productivity. This has helped us in auditing agents' performances as well.

Alok Sulakhe,
Team Lead, Ninjacart

With the help of team Verloop, we were able to create India's first Period Tracker on WhatsApp. It was a challenging ask as the platform had never been used to offer such a service before. However, the team took up the brief openly, worked through the challenges and delivered an efficient service that is useful for every menstruator in India.

anika wadhera
Anika Wadhera,
Head - Marketing, Sirona
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