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Introducing Nudge to Orchestrate Reminders in Chat Rooms

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Introducing Nudge to Orchestrate Reminders in Chat Rooms

What’s the hardest job to do?

If we asked this question to a Marketer, they would probably say getting leads to submit their details. If we asked you, you’d rather say working out (assuming you love working out and it’s just that you don’t find time to :P).

Well, what’s actually difficult is getting people to drive an action. Especially when there’s no motivation to do so. And, what’s more difficult is taking the action to the finish line when you’re all caught up!

However, you only call something “Complete” if and only if it has a meaningful start and an end to it, right? The same holds true with customer conversations too. You sure don’t want to leave a conversation hanging mid-air.

Hence, we’ve got something for you in store!

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Announcing Nudge

Today, we’re excited to unveil the feature that helps subtly remind your customers/visitors to take an action; Nudge by Verloop.io.

For the most part, customers/visitors multitask. Hence, it’s quite natural for them to initiate a conversation with your agent/bot and forget about it. However, that shouldn’t stall your customer support teams from gathering the right information at the right time. Keep in mind – gathering details from your customers/visitors shouldn’t make your customer support agents appear sales-y either. 

Nudge by Verloop.io – The name suggests how simple this reminder type really is – you can now create a message that reminds that prime/super-busy real estate customer on your chat, where your bot can capture the attention of visitors/customers, re-engage with them by sending them reminders to continue the conversation from where they left. And, this could be announcements, promotions, proactive support, collecting lead information, you name it. In essence, Nudge by Verloop.io is a highly effective new type of reminder for your customer re-engagement strategy with respect to chat support.

What makes Nudge by Verloop.io better?

Historically, we’ve seen that voice calls, or emails have been relatively blunt methodologies when it comes to following up with customers/visitors on an incomplete conversation. The apparent simplicity of Nudge by Verloop.io hides a lot of power and flexibility. 

The real power of Nudge by Verloop.io lies in the re-engaging capabilities of our platform – allowing you to continue and close conversations more meaningfully to different customers by triggering it after a certain time interval.

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How does Nudging work on Verloop.io?

There are a plethora of use cases that Nudge by Verloop.io can fit into. But, here’s how it actually works!

#1 Re-engage with customers after a chat room closes

Imagine a real estate bot that’s collecting information from visitors on which project they want to visit and when. If the user only gives their basic details and stops responding after a while, the chat room closes after 24 hours of no response. Now, Verloop.io triggers a campaign after ‘X’ no. of hours to simply follow up and reengage with the user to fetch the remaining details such as the project location, site visit timings, etc. You can set a rule to trigger the nudge after a specific timing based on your preference.

#2 Send a reminder message in the same room before it closes

Let’s say a customer initiates a chat and does not respond to a specific important question asked by the bot, then a reminder message (a nudge) can be set up in the same ongoing chat after the bot waits for X’ amount of time. 

For example, the bot asks a question and awaits input from the end-user. 

A nudge can be set up, wherein the bot waits for ‘X’ mins for a response from the user, before it can perform an action. After ‘X’ mins, the bot triggers a nudge thus driving the user to take an action right away. Once you’ve captured your customers’ attention with a nudge message, they can drive a range of actions, such as:

  • Click on a CTA, and open a new form to fill in the details
  • Submit an email address
  • Acknowledge/give feedback

Or, you can also send a simple reminder message such as asking your customers — “Are you there” or something like “Hey, in case you forgot, this is a gentle reminder to upload your details again”

The key is to send conversational reminders and not get on their nerves.

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#3 Transferring chat to an agent

Did you also know that you can transfer the chat to an agent when a customer is not responding?

Well, yes. Sometimes customers could disengage probably because they prefer talking to a human agent over a bot. In that case, you could also route the conversation to the right agent at the right time. 

Over to you

Well, that speaks to the power of what Nudge by Verloop.io has to offer – contextual and engaging messaging through chat at the right time. As a customer or a prospect, there’s nothing worse than receiving a barrage of mixed reminders on a website, especially through chat.

Ensure your approach is more conversational and less clingy by smoothly orchestrating your reminder messages through Nudge by Verloop.io. Get your customers to drive that action at the right time in the right way!

Want to know how to get started?


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