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Lido Learning Moved To 100% Chat After Automating Their Customer Support


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Accelerating Customer Experience through 100% Chat Support


Lido Learning has built a unique and differentiated brand in the highly competitive ed-tech software market through its project-based learning. However, they wanted to enrich the customer experience by enabling their agents to offer cohesive, context-enriched customer support.

Despite their upward trajectory, the team at Lido Learning wasn’t willing to slow down. They knew they could do more to accelerate their customer experience. Maintaining the history of a user in a unified place, optimizing the campaigns for parents and students to respond better, and scaling up their support without hurting the opex were some of the major challenges they faced.

We use to send Proactive Messages to which we want users to reply. Because we know has an excellent way to build customer journeys to streamline the communication

– Aditi Kothari, Product Manager – Lido Learning

1. The Freshdesk x Integration

Before making the switch to, the Lido agents had to switch back and forth between the chat and their ticketing software – Freshdesk, to get fuller context around the issue. This was inefficient in the day-to-day operations and made it challenging to scale. With the Freshdesk integration, the agents no longer had to switch tabs to create new tickets every time they ran out of context. Since then, creating and viewing tickets has been a breeze, thus, improving response and resolution times.

2. Switching to 100% Chat Support

Building off that success, Lido Learning quickly expanded its efforts to deliver a stellar experience across the entire customer journey by switching to 100% chat support. Lido Learning’s idea was to make support not just accessible but also convenient. Speaking of convenience, Chat Support clearly aced the game. “We wanted to make sure that parents could just type in their concerns via chat at their comfort, even if they were at the office.

Unlike on phone and email, the agents could solve for multiple customers and handle conversations in concurrency via chat. Ideally, by extending chat support, Lido Learning’s Agent First Response Time (FRT) has improved by 72% in a span of 3 months. From an agent productivity perspective, the FRT of Lido Learning has been around 0.1 sec with Agent CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) being 3.5 which exemplifies how switching to 100% chat support has worked absolutely in favor of them.

Besides, chat made the lives of both agents and customers easier by coming with the luxury of sharing images, docs, and files whenever needed thus making troubleshooting easier. Now, Lido Learning has begun introducing its clients to 100% chat and believes to quickly convince them with their exceptional customer support. For customers, this also meant encouraging more and more self-service and less waiting time with the right set of resources in place.

With more time on their hands now, it is time for the agents to work on creating a customer experience that they’ve always dreamt of. The Lido Learning’s Bot has deflected about 64% of the chats in just about 3 months, which means more time for agents to focus and solve other important concerns.

3. Capturing Actionable Insights through WhatsApp Campaigns

Before using, Lido Learning had been utilizing another third-party tool to communicate in-app but it was an experience that meant parents/students wouldn’t respond to the messages sent by a support agent. Lido Learning soon realized that parents and students were channel-agnostic. They seemed to love WhatsApp better. In fact, when Lido Learning sent out campaigns on WhatsApp, the fill rates were >22% and ~10-15% on the platform.

When asked why WhatsApp worked for them, Aditi says WhatsApp allowed them to communicate and collaborate with the least amount of friction but with optimal transparency. This saved an ample amount of time for Lido Learning from having to build an in-built NPS collection mechanism inside their product.

They also wanted to ensure that their customers gained full visibility into whatever was happening between them and the business. No wonder, the Lido Learning Bot has seen a CSAT of 3.8 since implementing in their support ecosystem!

Lido Learning required something more to receive an acknowledgment from users, especially parents. Soon, they realized their clients were more receptive to WhatsApp messages. Hence to communicate proactively with students as well as parents, Lido sets up WhatsApp campaigns to communicate on the class timings, rescheduled sessions, transaction-related messages, etc, With friction-free customer journeys triggered for every campaign, they could easily collect feedback and acknowledgments from parents on the go.

4. The Road Ahead with

Lido Learning has successfully transitioned its support team to 100% chat from its legacy email/call solutions and is looking to explore its features to the fullest potential. They are also looking to help and inculcate the habit change in their existing customers due to the way their support has pivoted. The organization sees chat as a foundation for customer support and is also exploring to automate it in every other way possible through