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Be Prepared. Be Available. Always

Be it your website, app, or, wherever, never let your customers feel clueless. gets in touch with them the second they are on your website. Got too many on-going conversations at a time? Find out chat statuses, which ones require high attention, and prioritise. Uncover the real-time metrics to quickly assign chats to your agents without missing out on being available for your customers.

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build customised recipes
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Take the Friction Off Your Conversation

Create a seamless customer journey by starting to strike a conversation, welcoming your customers, and closing the conversation in a meaningful way. Talking to a new visitor? Collect their email ID, showcase your product recommendations, get feedback, and do more. Once your customer responds, the bot stores them all as a variable for future reference so that your agents are always filled in with the context.

Multilingual Bot

Make Your Customers Feel Inclusive

Save your live chatbot from sounding impersonal. Keep the conversation flowing by talking in the language that your customers understand. supports about 20+ languages such as Bahasa, English, Arabic, Hindi, etc. Increase your geographical boundary reach, provide personalised customer experience, enhance customer base, and improve your business ROI. Most importantly, delete the language barrier.

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NLP makes conversations natural
NLP ft. Machine Learning

Understand Everything. Like a Human is built on top of ML and NLP/NLU that recognises what your customers say even if they speak colloquially. It collects valuable information, resolves common customer issues, connects people to the right agents and does more, all by itself. Unless the bot doesn’t understand a query, your human agents can spend time focusing on important tasks. We bet that’s a rarity.

Voice by

Allow Customers to Express Themselves

With a simple click and record button, customers can quickly record and share their thoughts and concerns on WhatsApp to seek assistance from your support team. And, when your bot receives the voice note, it is delivered as a transcribed text which your bot can use to understand user intent and concern. Customer communication becomes a breeze with

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Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Connect with any app instantly. Access your ticketing system quickly while talking to your customers. supports about 10+ CRM/ticketing software to give you a seamless conversational experience.
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Omnichannel Presence

Be available for your customers 24*7, be available everywhere. From Facebook to Whatsapp, Website to In-app, extend your customer support exactly where your customers are, where they need you.
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Measure and Reflect

Compare and analyse the performance of your bot vs agents with the most insightful chat statistics on our dashboard. You can also retrieve chats using webhook URLs to get customised ad-hoc reports.
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