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A Comprehensive Guide on WhatsApp Customer Support

The only book you’ll need to get started with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app hosting communication between 2 billion people globally. With a colossal user reach, WhatsApp stands out as the ideal platform for businesses to reach, convert, and offer support to their customers.

More than fifty million businesses use WhatsApp Business to connect with their users on the app. The difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business lies in the purpose they solve.

Businesses can power their customer support and communication with a WhatsApp Business API. To tackle the load and streamline user experiences, businesses can deploy a smart AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot.

In this eBook, you will learn everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business API, from how it helps to create WhatsApp Message Templates to growing your audience on WhatsApp. We cover the following chapters in this eBook:

  • How to Optimise Customer Support with WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Business API for Customers
  • Inbound and Outbound Support
  • What are WhatsApp Templates?
  • What is WhatsApp’s Business Opt-in?
  • How to Improve Customer’s Experience
  • How to Improve Agent’s Performance
  • Growing Your Audience on WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Business’ Privacy Policy
  • Case Study on WhatsApp Support
  • How Plays a Role