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Verloop.io Partners with Vonage to Deliver Seamless Conversational AI

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Verloop.io Partners with Vonage to Deliver Seamless Conversational AI

Verloop.io, the leading specialist in conversational AI for customer support, is proud to announce today that it has partnered with Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

With this partnership, Vonage will enable Verloop.io customers to deploy their conversational AI applications into new channels by leveraging Vonage’s communications APIs (Application Programming Interface). With Vonage, Verloop.io can manage multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Voice and SMS from a single platform.

“Vonage’s API Platform brings both power and flexibility to businesses through the integration of multiple channels, including messaging, voice, and video communications solutions,” says Gaurav Singh, Founder & CEO, Verloop.io. “We’re excited to be working with Vonage to extend the channel capabilities of Verloop.io, all on a consolidated cloud communications platform. This will enable brands to seamlessly build automation on their channels from one dashboard, transforming the entire user experience.”

“The pandemic has led to a significant change in how business is done and accelerated digital transformation for organisations around the globe,” said Guillaume Calot, Global Vice President, API Partners at Vonage. “We are seeing customers across all industries increasingly choose Vonage to help them digitally transform their customer communications and engagement solutions as companies continue to embrace hybrid work, develop disruptive solutions and expand communication channels. We’re excited to be working with Verloop.io to further its conversational AI capabilities and enable its customers to enhance their customer engagement with intelligent, personal conversations.”

Vonage APIs make it easy for businesses to build solutions to disrupt their industries and enable the type of business continuity, remote work, and remote delivery of services that is so essential in today’s environment. Vonage’s platform is at the centre of many notable transformational projects worldwide, from powering online learning experiences and enabling embedded telehealth capabilities, to safeguarding online platforms against fraud.

With Verloop.io, enterprises can easily start automating their customer support while integrating with 140+ tools across backend systems, marketing, sales, point-of-sale. With industry-specific narrow machine-learning models, Verloop.io’s AI offers greater coverage and precision out of the box, so that brands see their customer experience grow faster. Combined with the power of the Vonage communications platform, businesses can build next-generation customer experiences at every touchpoint and create meaningful, memorable customer journeys.

About Verloop.io

Verloop.io is the world’s leading customer support automation platform that enables businesses to deliver delightful support experiences to their customers across channels. Verloop.io helps brands securely, effortlessly, and accurately scale up their customer support and is used by over 5,000 brands globally, including Decathlon, Cleartrip, Dar Al Arkan, Fetchr, Livpure, Adani Capital, DSP Mutual Fund, Rentomojo, Scripbox, and many more. 

About Vonage

Vonage is the leading cloud communication provider that’s helping over 100,000 enterprises reinvent communication by it more flexible, intelligent, and personal. They provide unified communications, contact centres and programmable communications APIs, built on the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

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