Difference Between WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business App

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In this blog post, you will learn the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp is one of the most popularly used messenger apps across the globe. Because people love conversing over the app due to its features, security, and speed. Moreover, WhatsApp has recorded over 2 billion users tapping all walks of life.

On the contrary, its user-friendly design, reliability, and functionality make WhatsApp Messenger suitable for personal and official purposes. 

WhatsApp has completely evolved itself from just a messenger app. By introducing payments, location shareability, audio/video calls, and attaching documents, the messenger app is a complete packaged solution for virtual interaction.

To extend its service to small company owners (ranging from small scale to large scale companies), WhatsApp Business was launched in 2018. However, its main focus is to facilitate companies who want to promote their company or assist customers on WhatsApp. 

Both the apps are distinct based on their operational capabilities. Now, let’s analyse the differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

One thing is certain that WhatsApp is meant for individuals who utilise it for personal communication. Whereas, WhatsApp Business, as the name suggests, focuses on company owners.

difference between whatsapp and whatsapp business

Design & Platform

WhatsApp is developed using the Erlang programming language and FreeBSD operating system. 

Both the apps share a common platform for conversational activities. Despite built on the same platform, they share the same design guidelines.

Learn how to create WhatsApp Business account

App Charges

When WhatsApp was launched, there was a charge of $0.99 annually. However, after the app got acquired by Facebook, they decided to drop the annual subscription fee.

Now, you can download the apps free of cost. It is available on Google play store and Apple store.


There is no concern for security as both the apps feature end-to-end encryption for messages. 

Each message is completely secured by a protocol of layers that is inaccessible to third-party users. This ensures every message shared on both platforms is securely delivered to the targeted destination. 

The recent policy update states that all the activities remain private on WhatsApp. WhatsApp can’t read your messages, hear calls, access location details and file attachments.

Messaging Capabilities

As long as you abide by WhatsApp’s guidelines, companies and individuals are free to send unlimited messages of any format(audio, video, or file attachments).

You can broadcast messages to up to 256 contacts in one go. The same limit is applicable in adding members to a group on both apps.

Multimedia Shareability

This is probably one of the most popular features as many users utilise it. The two apps support attaching audio-visual files, sharing documents, location, contact, and audio. 

WhatsApp has even launched an in-chat payment feature where you can send and receive payments through UPI ID. This feature is available on both the platform. A strategic move by WhatsApp that facilitates the apps in providing an end-to-end solution for users.

Contacts Labels

WhatsApp personal messenger doesn’t support this feature, whereas WhatsApp Business does. WhatsApp Labels are colour-coded categorically. Through this feature, you can create custom label names to sort contacts accordingly. 

label chat

You can create up to 20 custom labels and use them to mark individual contacts or groups. This is a convenient feature where you can select labels and organise your data productively.

User Profile

list of whatsapp business account categories

User profile varies for both apps. On WhatsApp Business, you can display website URL, showcase product catalog, insert company description, update location and define working hours.

Whereas, WhatsApp personal app profile section has only about section, name, and phone number. 

Message Automation

You can’t automate messages on personal WhatsApp Messenger. However, in the WhatsApp Business app, there are three kinds of message automation functions (triggers): WhatsApp quick replies, WhatsApp away messages, and WhatsApp greeting messages.

set auto reply in whatsapp

This feature comes in handy for people who are busy or when you are away from the office. When someone interacts with your WhatsApp number during those pre-defined away hours, the user gets custom automated responses based on the trigger.

Message Statistics

Message statistics report gives out a detailed analysis in WhatsApp Business. 

You can analyse through the app’s pre-defined metrics, such as the number of messages sent, read, and received. This is a crucial element for business owners as they can analyse account performance from the dashboard.

While in WhatsApp personal messenger, the message statistics report is limited.

Profile Connectivity

Both the apps support click-to-chat links, connect using QR code, or even interact via phone number. 

This feature is best suited for chatting on WhatsApp – individual or official purpose.

whatsapp click to chat link

The click-to-chat link function provides a link in which a user can initiate a chat with your account by clicking the given link. You can create your custom WhatsApp click-to-chat link easily.

scan qr code on whatsapp

For the QR code, the user has to scan the code and then initiate a chat. Every profile has a unique QR code, and you can find this in WhatsApp settings; after entering, you can notice a QR code icon beside your name.

WhatsApp Business API

There is a new platform created for WhatsApp Business known as WhatsApp Business API.

This platform focuses on mid-size to large-scale companies by providing tons of automation features and builds bots.

You can create a WhatsApp Business API account only through the API provided by WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP).

This is a paid platform where you get charged based on message sessions.

Some of the salient features of this platform are:

You can learn more about it here: Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

To sum it up

After looking at the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, it is obvious that WhatsApp Business has added advantage compared to personal WhatsApp Messenger. 

New features lined up for the business app to make it more engaging and a great tool in interacting with your customers. This app favors local business owners who have a small customer database.

Are you serious about your operations and want to take full advantage of engaging your customers on WhatsApp? In that case, the API solution is the best way to serve your purpose.

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