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Assisting 500+ Enterprise Customers with Support Solutions

Start Meaningful Conversations with Your Customers

Leave behind generic customer communication. Power your conversations with context, relevance and personalisation. Support customers using our intelligent solutions on channels that your customers prefer.

Fast and Secure Communication

Say No to Misunderstandings and Unclear Answers

When it comes to customer support, understanding the intent behind the customer’s question is important. With Veca, your E-commerce assistant, you can now do just that and more.

  • The pre-built intent recognition NLP system
  • Made for post-sales E-commerce support
  • Understand multiple intents in a single query
  • Provide appropriate options to choose from
  • Quick integration on any platform and channel
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Express Yourself Quickly and Deeply with Voice Notes

Voice is quick, efficient and inclusive. Let your customers send messages to you using voice by Voice-enabled AI chatbot lets your customer have a hands-free experience.

  • Freedom to express freely and spontaneously
  • Customers can seek support in their native language
  • Reduce time taken to raise a concern
  • Instant voice-to-text transcription
  • Quick integration on any platform and channel
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Fast and Secure Communication
Fast and Secure Communication
WhatsApp Chatbot

Get Closer to Users on Their Favourite Channel

Automate your customer support and improve conversions using WhatsApp Chatbot. Start conversations with your customers on the world’s most popular messaging app using WhatsApp Business API.

  • Improve open rates and response rates on WhatsApp messages
  • Use rich media and secure messaging to talk to customers
  • Respond to customer support queries in real-time
  • Communicate proactively by sharing timely updates and notifications
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Website Chatbot

Engage With Visitors Using Conversational AI

Talk to each and every customer that visits your website. Get our conversational AI chatbot for websites to automate your customer support queries and delight customers every time.

  • Connect with your website visitors even after business hours
  • Improve customer experience and conversion rates
  • Use NLP powered chatbot to empower customers with self-service
  • Easily create and integrate on any platform of your choice
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Fast and Secure Communication
Fast and Secure Communication
Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Be Where Your Customers Are, on the Most Popular Platform

Support on the world’s most powerful social media platform with the help of conversational AI. Engage your customers with Facebook Chatbot Messenger on your business page.

  • Build Facebook Messenger Chatbot to improve brand awareness
  • Enhance customer engagement using multimedia messaging
  • Scale customer support and extend service on Facebook
  • Increase sales conversions and follow up with customers regularly
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In-App Chat

Share Updates Right from Your Mobile App

Keep customers engaged on your app and answer their questions without them leaving your platform. Empower your customer support team with an AI-powered mobile chatbot.

  • Support customers from your Android mobile app
  • Engage with customers remotely and on the go using the mobile platform
  • Improve your team’s efficiency with our mobile app designed for Android
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Fast and Secure Communication
Fast and Secure Communication
Instagram Chatbot

Never Miss a Moment to Engage, Even During Non-Business Hours

Use Instagram Messaging to engage with your customers on your Instagram Business profile, shop, and stories. Build another channel to deliver delightful support.

  • Support live chat service on Instagram with personalised messages
  • Improve open rates and response rates by up to 55% on Instagram
  • Scale customer support and improve agent productivity
  • Improve customer experience and increase sales conversions by 20%
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Fostering Success Together


More and more customers prefer self-serve over calls to agents. We have been collaborating with to drive this mission and have come a long way.

anuj sharma
Anuj Sharma
Product Manager, Nykaa

ChatBanking is a step in the direction of ADIB’s overall vision of ensuring customers can bank anywhere, anytime, in the language of their choice without any hassles.

siraj patel
Siraj Patel

Of course, the first response time has improved. So have the handling time for chats. I also have more visibility of all interactions between agents and customers.

fady jabrah
Fady Jabrah
Customer Experience Manager,

This feature is a great add-on to the tool. The value it brings in terms of time-saving and effective writing is simply amazing and super helpful. With this feature, we were able to save time and increase productivity. This has helped us in auditing agents' performances as well.

Alok Sulakhe,
Team Lead, Ninjacart

With the help of team Verloop, we were able to create India's first Period Tracker on WhatsApp. It was a challenging ask as the platform had never been used to offer such a service before. However, the team took up the brief openly, worked through the challenges and delivered an efficient service that is useful for every menstruator in India.

anika wadhera
Anika Wadhera,
Head - Marketing, Sirona

Engage Your Customers Using the Right Solution

No more choosing between excellent customer support and an efficient team. Scale your customer service using simple and smart solutions. Target customers on their preferred channel, language and time while reducing the load on your customer support team by automating repetitive tasks and proactive communication.


Integrate with your CRM and other tools to get all data in one place. Get a unified customer view for a customised experience.
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Carry forward context and sync data from one channel to another in real-time. Provide support anywhere and everywhere.
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Engage with customers using secure conversations. Protect custom data with regional compliances and privacy rules.
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One Platform Many Solutions

Use to automate and support customers using our various solutions. Enhance customer engagement using conversational support.