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Verloop.io Integrates with Messenger for an Omnichannel Customer Service

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Verloop.io Integrates with Messenger for an Omnichannel Customer Service

Chatbots serve many functions. And deployable on many channels. If you are looking for a channel where you can increase your engagement, use multi-media to interact with customers, sell and support them, and do all this with no code, Facebook Messenger is the channel for you. 

Why Facebook Messenger Chatbot? 

Simply put, it’s because your customers are there. 1.3Bn people use Facebook Messenger every month and around 8Bn messages are exchanged between businesses and customers every day. 

It has some other advantages too. You can interact with users through rich media messages. Images, carousels, buttons and quick replies make your conversations interactive and easy to navigate. In other words, it improves the user experience. 

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger also allows you to customise welcome messages. So whenever a user starts a conversation with you, you can greet them with a personalised message. And who wouldn’t like a “hey <name>” instead of the impersonal “hey there.” One small change can make or break a conversation. 

And if these weren’t enough, here are two more reasons why the Facebook Messenger chatbot trumps other modes of communication. One, it sees higher open rates (OR) and click-through rates (CTR). Messenger chats have OR of 70-80% and CTR of more than 20%. Emails on the other hand see only 10-15% OR. 

The second reason is discovery. Users can easily find and start a chat with you on a Facebook Messenger chatbot. You can put up a link or embed a button on your Facebook page, website, contact us page, etc.  When a user clicks on your Facebook ad, they can start a conversation with your business on the Messenger chatbot. You can also create a QR code and print it on physical locations. Users can scan it and start a chat. 

‍As you can see, very little effort is required from both your and your user’s end to start a conversation on the Facebook Messenger chatbot. And you can use this to your advantage by engaging more with them. More relevant, accurate interactions build trust and loyalty. And this directly impacts your sales. 

Understand how Facebook Chatbot works, its advantages, use cases and how to set it up in our comprehensive guide.

Need for Verloop.io – Facebook Messenger integration

On its own, a Facebook chatbot is a strong engagement tool. It can help you reach more users, sell more products, and support more customers. So, why do you need to integrate it with Verloop.io? 

Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform automates customer support functions to help you scale and personalise customer interactions. With Verloop.io and Facebook Messenger integration, you will see the following benefits.

1. Automate customer support 

Our AI is well-trained and has a high accuracy to answer questions for different industry-specific use cases. The Verloop.io – Facebook Messenger integration allows you to auto-respond to users 24×7 with accurate answers. Your users can find information to help them complete purchase or post-purchase details about the product and processes. 

2. Seamless agent hand-off 

If the AI cannot answer a question, it will assign the chat to an online agent. The advantage here is that based on the query type, the AI will check the agent’s department and skills and assign the conversation to someone who is capable of answering the question. This improves customer interaction as they are not handed from one agent to another. 

3. Omnichannel experience 

Your customers can start a conversation with you on your website, phone, WhatsApp, mobile chat, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. With Verloop.io’s 100+ integrations, all these chats and customer interactions are recorded and synced with your CRM. So next time the user switches channels and chats with you, the context is carried from previous conversations. Your AI and agents get up-to-date data on your user and your customers don’t have to repeat themselves. 

4. Single view for agents 

Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform is a one-stop place for all your customer support queries. Your agents need to log in to just one platform and see conversations from customers on all channels – website, mobile, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Along with the other Agent Assist tools, this single view of all customer queries improves agent efficiency as they don’t have to switch between multiple platforms. 

5. Analytics and insights

Customer support metrics show you how happy your customers are with your customer support. Are your agents performing at their best? Is your chatbot helping your customers get their answers? How are your customers behaving with the chatbot? What questions are they asking? At what time does your support team see a peak in queries? Finding answers to these questions help you improve your customer experience. And this is available on Verloop.io’s Dashboard. In an easy to digest format. 

Facebook Messenger and Verloop.io

Building positive experiences is key to the growth of any business. Facebook Messenger’s integration with Verloop.io allows you to not only support your customers on one more channel but also make these interactions personal and contextual. 

We have ready-to-deploy APIs to kick-start your customer engagement on Facebook. Our seamless Messenger integrations will help your agents as well to respond to customers and reduce the average resolution time.  

To know more about how Facebook Messenger integration can be enabled for your business, book a demo with us here

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations and rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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