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Announcing CSAT on WhatsApp and Facebook

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Announcing CSAT on WhatsApp and Facebook

How many times have you wanted to know your customers’ feedback (to improve CSAT) and ended up realizing it can’t be the source of truth because of the limitations of the platform they are on?

Note: By platform, we mean the channel through which they reach out to you on. Eg. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Probably 100 times!

But, when you think of it the 101st time (which is the next time, technically), we believe you’ll think of Verloop.io.

Verloop.io now supports collecting CSAT on WhatsApp, Facebook or any platform you name!

But, Why Collect Feedback After Every Service?

Despite the global pressure of finding ways to ensure customer satisfaction in the new normal, business leaders have started to understand that the right set of tools with a focus on customer satisfaction can be a powerful competitive advantage. 

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Customers today are most likely to come back only if they like your service. Hence, to monitor this, you need to be able to collect CSAT which is the customer satisfaction score, given by a customer based on their satisfaction after a service offered by your agents.

Challenges with an Incomplete Chat Service

Channels like WhatsApp and Facebook do not have inherent chat rooms. All they have is a chat thread where all the conversations happen without a clear ending for a chat. That is, there is no concept of closing chats on WhatsApp or Facebook. Hence, getting feedback from customers has never been legitimately doable through WhatsApp chatbot or Facebook chatbot.

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A business simply can’t grow sustainably if it has a churn problem, and we can find early red flags of churn by gauging customer satisfaction (and working to improve it over time).

In an attempt to demystify CSAT on multiple platforms, we went back to work on collecting CSAT on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

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With Verloop.io, bring the experience of enabling customers to give feedback (with channels being no barrier).

How Verloop.io can help

#1 Rising Ticket Volumes and Escalations in the New Normal

Clearly, the global pandemic has led to global panicking. It has drastically changed the way customers perceive things and businesses operate. It also has majorly affected the way companies support their customers, and support teams are facing an increasing number of escalations and requests because customers are understandably anxious about the situation and how it affects them.

So, a new approach is required for businesses to continue understanding how happy the customers are irrespective of the channel they reach out on.  

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#2 Increase the Chances of Receiving Feedback

Your customers are more likely to respond if you are available for them on the same channel as they are. With Verloop.io, receiving a response on a channel like WhatsApp and Facebook is super-easy with just a click of an emoji. You can also delve deep into your customers’ experience to get more context by collecting subjective feedback from them if they are interested in giving you one.

collecting csat metrics from whatsapp and facebook

#3 Render the Freedom of Feedback to Your Customers 

Feedback from your customers empowers your teams to stand in the shoes of your customer and orchestrate the right workaround. Being able to collect CSAT on any channel keeps your customers satisfied and engaged by enabling them to give their timely inputs on their experience. This also implies, equipping your support agents to effectively triage and manage every bad/mediocre experience reported.

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#4 Spend More Time Improving Your Product

If you are a product company, every feedback you receive from your customer helps you identify the bottleneck early on and hence start working on it. This also increases the chances of optimizing your product roadmap thus giving you a greater competitive advantage.

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#5 Do all of this in your style

You can also customize your feedback page according to your brand’s colour, theme, style, etc. That way, you are not missing out on the look and feel bit. 

Wrapping up

Collecting feedback allows you to ensure an optimal experience for your customers on an ongoing basis. But what makes it difficult is:

  1. Collecting it on channels outside your product and website
  2. Deriving CSAT from the collected feedback 

If the customers find the experience beneficial and get their issue resolved the way they want, you can expect good feedback.  

The support team, on the other hand, finds it overwhelming to talk to the customers individually to collect their feedback and then to coordinate with the internal folks. By creating an automated workflow to track customer feedback on different platforms, Verloop.io makes it simple and seamless for the support team to oversee CSAT and customer experience after every service.

Verloop.io leverages a customizable link that is sent to customers after a ticket has been closed. The customers are redirected to the feedback page, wherein, to submit feedback, they can submit either subjective feedback or an emoji. 

Once you receive the feedback, the CSAT widget updates based on the number of responses. You can also look into the subjective feedback given by your customers and identify areas for improvement to ensure an optimal customer experience on an ongoing basis because customer experience is never a one-off thing.


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