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Facebook Messenger Chatbot – A Definitive Guide

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Facebook Messenger Chatbot – A Definitive Guide

Facebook Messenger chatbot is one of the fastest-growing and most effective ways businesses can connect with the customer seamlessly.

Chatbots are the newest, easiest and most efficient ways for a business to communicate with customers over social media platforms and websites. As accepted by all that chatbots will be the customer service industry’s future.

Chatbots are the finest example of conversational AI and human intelligence coming together to serve the customers.

While most companies are moving on social media platforms to connect with the customers, companies that leverage chatbots on social media platform hold the chance to enhance their customer experience.

That’s why it is essential to know how Facebook chatbot is built or the best practices your business should follow for a chatbot for Facebook Messenger works. We discuss all this and more in our article.

About Chatbots

Before we understand what Facebook Messenger chatbot is, let us have a look at what is a chatbot?

In the simplest terms, chatbots are automated messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with humans. The most practical use of chatbots is in customer service, where businesses use them to revert to routine customer queries. 

Chatbots can answer almost 80% of the routine questions and reduce customer support time as well as operational costs.

Chatbots have been around for quite a long, and with the advances in technology, the integration of chatbots with social media platforms has helped businesses to converse easily with their customers. 

A regular, script-based chatbot use a couple of keywords to communicate with people and answer their questions and queries. However, a conversational AI chatbot uses the power of ML and NLP to identify the user’s intent and communicate with users using human-like conversations.

The integration of the Facebook Messenger chatbot has helped businesses offer personalised attention, solve queries in real-time, built loyalty, and help customers get the best customer service. 

The Facebook Messenger chatbot uses text, images, videos and combination to communicate, making it one of the most effective and efficient models. It also offers triggers that help define your needs and show you the pathways for getting the potential answers.

Facebook Messenger is the 7th most downloaded app and is growing with 10 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses every month; this explains the growing need for a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

A Brief History 

Facebook is one of the finest social media platforms that lets users stay connected with friends and family spread across the globe and share pictures, news, videos, content, and many more.

Not only this, with time, Facebook has grown to be one of the finest platforms for booming businesses to showcase their products and services and get a potential customer base.

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook was initially a platform that helped students connect. Within just 24 hours of launch, 1200 undergraduates signed up. This was indeed a huge success, followed by an increasing number of signups from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Stanford. 

2005 was a stepping stone year for the company where the domain Facebook.com was purchased for $200,000.

With new ideas like tagging people in pictures, developing a marketplace, messenger, and running demographic-specific ads, Facebook helped countless businesses and people to connect and grow.

By the end of 2006, there were 12 million registered users on the platform. That turned to 58 million by 2007, and the number has multiplied profoundly since then.

To grow and spread, it launched the Facebook Marketplace in 2016, which is the same year of launching the chatbot for Facebook messenger.

Undoubtedly the journey of Facebook has been an inspiring one. Starting from the platform that connects people to a platform that connects businesses to people, Facebook has proved to be one of the finest technological developments we’ve seen.

Why Does Your Business Need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot? 

Facebook is not a new social media platform for anyone. It has taken the world with amazement in no time. Offering the seamless connectivity and feature of tagging to video calling, one can easily use the platform.

A free to use social media platform comes with some unique features.

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So, if you are wondering why you need a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your website, then the points below might help you get to a conclusion:

  • It is one of the smoothest and simplest platforms for businesses to communicate with customers. Statistics suggest that over 2 million businesses messages are floated over Facebook Messenger every month. 
  • Globally, people use Facebook daily. According to figures, if a business uses Facebook Messenger, then the chances of people opening the message compared to marketing emails increase by 70-80%. 
  • Chatbots on Facebook can help people with their queries and questions 24/7. It has been found that click to send messenger ads has chances of 100% conversion of leads.
  • Identify and qualify leads before handing them over to your sales team.
  • Use Facebook chatbot to sell your product or service. Given how customers can explore and purchase without leaving the platform, this experience reduces drop- offs and cart abandonment rates too.
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot can smoothly nudge your customer to restart a conversation with your business. This makes re-engagement simple and also relevant.

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The Facebook chatbot Messenger is capable of retaining the customer by reaching out to them when needed. The bots are one step ahead in assisting the customers with their needs and demands, acting as the personal agent.

But the inquisition that arises here is how can one potentially build a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot 

Undoubtedly, the benefits that one can get by employing a Facebook Messenger chatbot for their business are immense. But one needs to chart down nature and questions that one needs to include while building the Facebook chatbot.

While looking for a step-by-step Facebook messenger chatbot tutorial, various platforms like Verloop.io offer you the facility to develop the most effective and efficient chatbot for the business.

The broad steps that one needs to follow while creating a Facebook chatbot are:

  • For building the bot, get registered with technical support and service providers.
  • Be ready with the Facebook page that you are looking to connecting to the chatbot. On the bot settings, link the Facebook page and attach it.
  • After connecting, the welcome messenger needs to be created. It includes selecting the messenger template that you are looking forward to using.
  • The next step is to create a welcome message for the messenger. Make sure to keep the message clear, as this will be the start point of connecting with the customer. The most common message is, “Hi [name of customer], how can I help you today?”
  • Once the welcome message is created, some more custom based default replies based on keywords need to be drafted. Make sure to add a simple sorry message that is friendly and can be used when the bot cannot understand user intent.
  • AI is the key to success. Moving ahead, adding the conversational AI features will assure better communication and suggestions from the Facebook Messenger chatbot end. 
  • Last is to add the message button to the Facebook page so that the customers can reach you. The message or contact us button displayed on Facebook allows the potential customers to connect with you and build your business. 

Before using a Facebook chatbot, make sure to run and test the same. This will help you find out the errors, if any and make the necessary amendments for the Messenger chatbot’s smooth operation.

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How are Businesses Using Facebook Messenger Bots? 

There are a diversity of reasons that make businesses launch chatbots in day-to-day operations. With the increasing inclination of the consumers towards the social media platform, it is essential to offer the same access. 

Using Facebook chatbot can help the customer get timely replies to the most common queries and businesses to develop loyal and satisfied customers. Statistics by Acquire suggests that around 1.4 billion use messaging applications and are willing to talk to chatbots. 

From making suggestions to offering choices and solutions, the Facebook chatbots allow the customers to communicate at any point of the day seamlessly. Additionally, seeking feedback and suggestions from customers is relatively easy with the help of chatbots.

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Some of the business examples that use the Facebook chatbot and have earned positive outcomes are:

Pizza Hut

Do you love pizza? If yes, then you might find the purchase experience using the Pizza Hut Facebook chatbot quite seamless. Pizza Hut allows the customers to place the order from Facebook and collects data making future orders easier. 

Pizza Hut's Facebook Messenger Chatbot lets you order food on it


ModiFace helps the customer to gain the best experience while buying lipstick. Using the Facebook Messenger chatbot simulation allows the customer to try on shades and select the best virtually. Such a service that enables the customer to shop from the home’s comfort and ensures positive and delighted customers.

Estée Lauder and ModiFace teamed up for AR on Facebook


This is a makeover store that offers the Reservation Assistant bot. Suppose the bot cannot resolve the problem or offer the most appropriate answer that the customer is looking for. In that case, it facilitates the booking of personalised assistance with the store representative.

Sephora's chatbot on Messenger


The travel fare aggregator, Kayak, is using the Facebook chatbot most finely. From giving the flight recommendations to the hotel bookings and customising the packages, the bot is willing to help the clients at every step. The bot helps the customer navigate the process and warm a delightful experience by asking a series of questions. 

Kayak's chatbot on FB

Marriott Rewards

Marriott is known for its classic customer service. The chatbots created by them are used for various services like guests have the opportunity to enter their desired dates in a city, get a list of hotel recommendations, and a lot more. This not only conserves time but also helps to target the customers most appropriately.

Marriot Rewards Chatbot

Facebook Messenger Bot Best Practices

Facebook chatbot is true of high value and offers immense facilities to help the business grow and flourish.

From simple application and assistance, one can easily create and connect the Facebook Messenger to the chatbot and create a base of satisfied and happy customers.

Some of the best Facebook Messenger chatbot best practices are:

  • Set your expectations from the chatbot. It will help you to design the most appropriate model.
  • Ensure to be clear about the expectations of the customers regarding communication and try to build on it.
  • Personalisation and customisation is the key to business in a competitive environment. Ensure to incorporate the same.
  • Get to the point. Running around the bush can irritate the customer but offering a to-the-point solution will make the customer delighted.
  • Chatbots are the future, but that does not necessarily mean humans are nor needed. The design should be such that it must be clear when to shift the communication to agents for smoother service.
  • Transparency is equally important. While using the chatbot, the communication should be clear; also, incorporating the omnichannel experience can add to the benefits of using bots.
  • Learning should never stop. The biggest strength of any business is to learn from the mistakes and market. Updating the chatbots and implementing the new knowledge will help the customers to communicate better.
  • Conversational AI makes it easier for customers to explain their needs. Using the same will help to communicate better and close the leads generating a base of loyal customers.


A study suggests that 40% of millennials prefer to engage with bots daily. Other statistics indicate that the stores that have started using Facebook Messenger chatbot have seen an increase of around 7-25% in revenue by reducing the cart abandonment rate.

The immediate connection that the Facebook messenger chatbot offers to the customers has helped create loyal customers. With the easy implementation and opportunity to capitalise on the potential leads, the chatbots’ growth is immense. 

So just add the simple Facebook chatbot to your business page and experience enhanced productivity, improved customer service, and boosted sales for the business.

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