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Smartest Machine Learning Platform to engage with customers 24x7 using WhatsApp Business API Chatbots.
Customers WhatsApp Bots
Engage with your Customers on the platform they love and deliver a delighting experience.
Customer Support, 24x7
Help your customers all day, every day. From answering FAQs to tracking orders, your bot can do it all.
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Faster Sales Cycle
Augment your best sales reps. WhatsApp bots help you generate and qualify more leads in real-time.
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Code-free Customisation
Bots connect to your tech stack, create support tickets, all through a drag and drop interface.
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Hybrid(Bot+Human) Chats
Let your reps jump in for a VIP customer or when the bot needs a helping hand to assist visitor.
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WhatsApp Business API Customer Support Bot

Automated World Class Support, 24x7

Your customers are on WhatsApp, why restrict your support to email?

With WhatsApp bots, you can now respond to customers consistently, predictably, 24x7 on the platform they love.

Respond to FAQs

WhatsApp bot to answer Frequently Asked Questions by your users at the time and language of their choice.

Connect your CRM

Make your support more personal and contextual using Verloop's easy to configure Webhook Interface.

Sentiment Analysis

Help a customer before he drops off. Real-time sentiment analysis to help you provide.

Warm Hand-off

Seamlessly hand-off chat from bot to human reps to either close the sale or to assist visitors better.

Sales and Marketing Bot

The Smartest Bot for Sales & Marketing

Generate and qualify more leads, book meetings and build better customer relationships; all while saving time, money and resources.

Generate more leads

Let users ping your number or from your website, bots help you generate leads and improve marketing ROI.

Qualify leads

Why spend time qualifying leads when you can teach your bot to do this on WhatsApp?

Book meetings

Let the WhatsApp Sales Bot converse with leads on their phone and book more meetings for you.

Connect your tools

Use 1000+ available app integrations to push leads data into platform of your choice.

Professional Templates and Bot Builder

Professionally curated Templates, just for you.

Verloop comes with 10+ free, conversational templates for every industry and every need. Just drag and drop to make them perfect for you.


Create your ideal flow, edit when needed, and go live in under five minutes using our intuitive bot builder.

Powerful Tools

With rich-media and natural language FAQ tools at your disposal, build real problem solvers.

Supercharge your chat reps

Supercharge your Chat Reps

With a hybrid chat, Verloop allows you to pick up conversations where the bot left off, or intervene if it can't answer a complicated query.

Reduce Support Volume

With Verloop Bot's on autopilot, your chat reps can focus on the ones which truly need a human touch.

Focus on warm leads

Let the Verloop Sales Bot do the lead qualification and scoring so your sales team can focus only on hot leads.

Conversational AI for Every Business
Verloop offers a tailor made WhatsApp driven Conversational Solution for every Industry vertical.
Insurance and Banking
Be available for your customers 24x7. Reduce support tickets and cross-sell products on chat.
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E-commerce and Retail
Empower real-time personalised sales, NPS collection and automated 24x7 Customer Support.
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Real Estate and Brokers
Qualify more leads and book site visits within WhatsApp, all through a drag and drop interface.
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Travel and Tourism
Automated trip bookingp, boarding pass and real-time travel assistance without leaving WhatsApp.
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Verloop is the world's
Smartest Conversational Automation Platform.
Powered by AI, Verloop bot runs your Support, Marketing and Sales department, 24x7.
The Proof is in the Numbers
5000+ businesses, from both Wall and Main Street love us.
Web Lead Generation
Online Educator doubled leads generated on landing pages.
Support Automation
Online E-commerce store reduced support tickets and automated incoming support messages.
Sales Automation
Apollo Munich
Insurance company boosted insurance sales by 9X using bot to automate the sales process.
Support Automation
Online E-commerce store reduced support tickets and increased NPS.
We weren’t sure if anyone was going to buy via a bot. Since deploying a product FAQ bot, we have now automated the entire purchase flow for the travel product, including payment.
Varun Yadav
Head of Digital Marketing, Apollo Munich Health Insurance
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