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An Impeccable Conversation Design for Delightful Support Experiences

[10 Step Guide]

The Art and Science of Devising Chatbot Conversations

Learn how to delight customers with engaging interactions

100% of customers want answers to their questions. It rarely matters if their query is resolved by humans or by AI. But a majority of them want the customer service departments to consider them as humans and not just a ticket. 

So, to meet the scale of your customer service and keep the interactions humane, you’ve deployed AI-powered chatbots and voice bots. These conversational tools are supposed to engage with your users and help them resolve their queries. But how do you ensure the conversations are engaging? 

Your answer lies in Conversation Design.

What is chatbot conversation design?

Conversation Design is the process of designing interactions between humans and machines such that they mirror our real-world conversations. When applied to chatbot conversations, it’s called chatbot conversation design. 

How to design chatbot conversations? 

The key to a good chatbot conversation is that it is

  • efficient, 
  • engaging, and 
  • useful for the users.  

To make a machine sound human-like and natural, you need to first understand how human communicates and replicate it. Once you’ve understood the basic concept, you need to design a conversation flow that opens a dialogue between the chatbot and the user and ends in satisfactorily closing the conversation. And we discuss exactly that in our eBook.

How to make chatbot conversations better?

There is a process to achieving this. It involves building a personality, integrating with different systems to add context and personalisations, creating conversations for multiple scenarios, being empathetic and more. We discuss all this and more in our book here.

What will this eBook cover?

There is a technique to delightful conversations and all you need to do is understand the concept. In this ebook, we discuss the components that go into creating conversations, how to design chatbot conversation flow, and share the process, and examples, including how to start a conversation, how to end a conversation, and what to do when the AI cannot answer the question, should the chatbot have a personality or not, etc. 

In this eBook, we will cover:

  • What is Conversation Design?
  • What are the Components of Conversations? 
  • How to Successfully Design your Conversation Flow? 
  • What are the Top Best Practices – Dos and Don’ts – you Must Follow?