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Verloop.io Launches New AI-Language Features

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Verloop.io Launches New AI-Language Features

Since the launch of ChatGPT in Nov 2022, everyone has grown obsessed with this new large language model for Dialogue. With the paid APIs available, the market is experimenting and adapting the technology to fit all possible use cases.

But before diving deep and adapting the solution for all use cases, one should be aware that generative AI is not always correct with its responses. It can’t write about the latest topics as of now. Its reliability is questionable, and it can’t answer questions specifically about your data/use case (like if you asked for your bank balance or the status of an order). That is why it is crucial that its adoption and usage should be for its plausible use cases only.

Therefore, we at Verloop.io have come up with plausible and exciting features using generative AI that can help you engage your customers easily without spending time writing long messages to hundreds of customers.

We have added available OpenAI APIs for language and fine-tuned embedding models to integrate with our chat solutions to enable humane conversation. If you are thinking about how, then read on.

Generative AI can impact different business segments

We perceive generative AI’s abilities and features could have a huge impact on a lot of different business segments. For instance,

  • Open Domain Knowledge: Its ability to integrate open domain knowledge with business knowledge to present actual human-like responses.
  • Cohesive Answers: Being able to infer knowledge from a set of predefined knowledge bases. It enables a more cohesive answer generation. And its ability to replicate common sense reasoning along with the specificity of business-provided responses.
  • Humane Responses: The bot’s response scored highly on multiple factors, including answerability, grammaticality, and understandability, thus closing the gap between human and robot responses in the voice AI segment. Generative AI, for instance, can make feedback and quick resolution calls engaging and humane.

But essentially, it can make the entire process of building chatbots a lot easier, thus reducing our go-live time. It can also help in running internal proofreading and basic sanity checks.

Presenting Verloop.io’s AI-powered Language Features

  1. AI- Rephrase
  2. AI- Tone adjustment  
  3. AI- Expand


By using AI rephrasing, you can rewrite or rephrase your words, sentences, or entire content with the click of a button.

This means you won’t have to spend time phrasing messages to send it to your customer. Instead, how your content reads will be rewritten in a matter of seconds with the power of AI. In this way, your workflow will be shortened, and you will spend less time writing.

AI-Tone Adjustment

AI-tone adjustment allows your customer support team to change the tone of their message to:

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Semi-Casual

Our goal with this feature is to improve the customer experience by assisting agents in responding quickly and using the correct tone when interacting with customers.


The next feature in this segment we are launching is AI-Expand, which allows your customer support agents to expand words and phrases to provide a cohesive answer to your customer with minimal writing effort.

They can just write a few phrases and click on the expand button to get grammatically correct sentences ready in no time.

Now that you know what features we are releasing, you must be wondering how they can help you in your business.

Feature benefits

Save Time and Effort

We often underestimate the writing effort required for an agent. With the high influx of messages arriving in the Inbox, it’s difficult to find the right words and type out full messages. With these new features, you can write complete sentences with the right tone and overall converse with the customers in a holistic manner with just one click.

Improve Average Response Time

With less time taken in composing and creating a summary of the complete conversation, the response time of agents will substantially decrease, thus overall reducing the average response time of your customer support service.

Improve Net Promoter Score(NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score(CSAT)

In this age of instant gratification, customers expect to get instant responses to their queries. The average attention span has reduced to 2 secs and with these new features, agents can compose faster responses and deliver detailed responses in less time and thus improving your loyal customer base with an increase in CSAT score.

Create Faster and Better Responses in no time

Even though generative AI has a lot of cons, with its right use, businesses can improve their average response time and overall improve customer experience with minimal effort from the agents. By enabling these features for your agents in the bot, you can reduce their writing effort and time taken to compose and summarize every conversation.

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