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Launching Goal Completion Rate

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Launching Goal Completion Rate

Measure your customer support chatbot’s achievements and value

Customer support chatbots are helping your business in many ways. They are bringing down your customer’s query resolution time, improving your agent’s productivity and also saving you the dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the actual value your chabot is delivering to you? This is why we, at Verloop.io, are introducing Goal Completion Rate.

What is goal completion rate (GCR)? 

In every team, it’s customary for the manager to share the key responsibilities with the team members. At the end of one term, the manager assesses the team’s performance to evaluate how well they met the responsibilities. Similarly, your chatbot is given responsibilities that it needs to perform and based on that it should be evaluated. 

While making and defining the chatbot flow, you envision the goals it will achieve. The goals can be anything and depend on the industry. An e-commerce business would like to know how many users purchased through the bot. A bank would like to track the number of new accounts created. Whereas, a real estate company would like to know how many people scheduled an on-site tour.  

GCR calculates the percentage of users who finish a particular task (goal) while conversing with the chatbot.


Why is GCR important?

The goal completion rate is important in identifying your customer support chatbot’s performance. It’ll help you measure its success rate, that is, if it solved your user’s query or not. Fundamentally, GCR will show you how well your chatbot is doing what you envisioned for it. 



A high goal completion rate is a good signal. It means, your chatbot is helping your users navigate through the flow and reach the desired goals. Your user needed to get something done (goal) and the bot achieved that on its own, providing a great customer experience. At the same time, this also indicates that your agent wasn’t disturbed to solve a task, thereby, increasing their productivity. 

On the other hand, a low goal completion rate could mean trouble. It’s a valuable insight for your team to see which goals are not being achieved. On the bright side, you are now armed with data to reassess the flow and optimize it based on your customer’s behaviour. 

Who is it for? 

This feature is for Managers and Admins who would like to track the support chatbot’s performance over a period of time. With GCR, the managers can now evaluate how well the chatbot is resonating with the users and also find out the ROI. GCR provides a clear vision of your present performance and with this data, as a manager, you’re empowered to make well-informed decisions for your customer support’s future.

How to use it? 

In one simple step, you can attach a goal to a specific block inside your chatbot’s flow. Whenever your user reaches this block, it will register and count as ‘goal achieved.’ With our goals feature, you can set multiple goals in your flow to track what your chabot is doing for you. 


This data will be visible to you on your dashboard. You can see the chatbot’s performance in real time or select data for the previous day, last 7 days, last 30 days or choose custom dates. 

Before you start experimenting, you need to first define the goal you want to track. Have a brainstorming session with your team to identify the goals that are important. Which flow do you see your user taking? At what points is your chatbot providing support to your user? If it helps, start with the goal and work backwards. Based on your answers, set up goals at various points. 

What makes GCR stand out?

Goals are different for different teams, companies and industries. This is why it is easy to set highly customizable goals. The data visualization is simple yet insightful, helping you make the right decisions. 

Some of the qualities that make it stand out are:

  • Simple to use and set up
  • Customizable goals depending on your requirements
  • Multiple goals per chatbot flow
  • Real time data
  • Insights on chatbot performance
  • Information on user interaction with chatbot

The bottom line

Goal completion rate gives you a clear approach to measure your chatbot’s capabilities. You can find out the value you are deriving from this product and on a side, help you improve your customer support and engagement. It’s time to assess your chatbot.

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