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Clone your recipes and save time while creating multiple recipes ?

If you’re using triggers (as you should be), you probably have similar bot flows on different pages. This used to difficult, because building multiple recipes from scratch used to take time. Not anymore. Now, you can clone existing bot flows and build similar recipes more easily. This way you can have identical recipes on your home and pricing page, with only a few different blocks on each. New capabilities added are: 1. Clone recipe: Will create a duplicate of the recipe 2. Delete recipe: Will create the chosen recipe

Availability of agents while transferring ?

You can’t hand off chats to other agents if you don’t know whether they’re available. This used to require manual confirmation. Now you can see how many of your colleagues are online and how many chats they’re working on; from your dashboard. Transferring chats has never been this easy! New capabilities added are: 1. Availability of transfer agents: Will tell you if the agent is online or not when you are transferring the chat. 2. The number of chats per agent: Will tell you how many chats the agent is handling when you are transferring the chat.

Bot chats as a separate filter:

When Admins used to select “All Chats”, chats that were being handled by the bot dominated the dashboard. Since bots can independently talk to customers most of the time, we segregated chats being handled by bots from “all chats” and gave them a separate section. New capabilities added are: 1. Bot Chats Filter: To see the bot chats, Admin can click on the filter icon and select “Bot Chats”

Sorting of the Chats:

In the previous system, sorting of chats on your dashboard was based the time stamp of the first message sent. This meant that you could lose track of chats if you had too many concurrent customers. Eg. a chat that began at 11 a.m. would be buried by new chats by 12 p.m., even if you were still talking to the customer. In the new system, chats are assigned by the last message sent, so actual conversations are given a higher priority. New capabilities added are: 1. Sort by Last Message: The chats will be sorted by the customers latest message.

Chat History Visible to All Agents:

Not being able to a user’s previous messages resulted in suboptimal responses as agents would lose out on important context to chats. Now, agents can see a complete chat history of the user. This allows for more personalized conversations where no details are missed. New capabilities added are: 1. Chat History to All agents: Each agent is able to access complete user history from the right-hand section of the live chat dashboard.

Informing agents of User Actions:

When interacting with the users, agents would not be able to know how users were engaging with the chats (buttons, links) that the agent was sending. Now, agents will be informed when the user clicks on the links or clicks on buttons. New capabilities added are: User actions like clicking the links or buttons would send a message only visible to the agent/ admin about the action taken by the user and details of that action. Checkout the new templates for chatbots.
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