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Add Verloop.io Leads as Contacts on HubSpot

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Add Verloop.io Leads as Contacts on HubSpot

Chatbots (these days) are an important part of your website. In addition to supporting your customers and answering their frequently asked questions, they are your first line of engagement.  Conversational chatbots receive a lot of traffic and can therefore generate hundreds and thousands of leads for your business. 

Manually adding these leads to your Marketing CRM such as HubSpot can be a pain and take away your resource’s valuable time. Human errors also creep in monotonous tasks such as monitoring and transferring leads. 

That’s where automation comes in. Integrating your HubSpot with your chatbot can automate creating new contacts and free up your agents. 

Using Verloop.io – HubSpot integration, you can automatically send new chatbot leads to HubSpot as new contacts as soon as they are captured. You can also update contact information on HubSpot for repeat visitors. 

Why do you need this integration? 

  • High conversion rates – Chatbots have known to engage more visitors and get them to share their information with you than lead generation forms. Our clients see an average of 55% conversion rate with chatbots. That’s 10x higher than forms.  
  • Power-up lead nurture – With a combination of a chatbot, HubSpot and outreach function, you can create highly targeted and customised nurture campaigns that lead to higher conversion in case of new contacts and higher retention rates in case of existing customers. 
  • Up to date customer data – Chatbots capture various aspects of customer information in their conversations with customers. A HubSpot integration with your chatbot ensures all this data is transferred automatically and in real-time. So when the visitors start a new conversation next time, your chatbot can pick up from where they left off. 
  • Build intelligence on customers – Your customers and users chat with you on different channels, such as the website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Shopify, etc. But with this one integration, data can be collected from any of these channels and stored in one place, giving your agents a unified customer view. 
  • Map customer journey – By capturing contact attributes, you understand them better and can personalise conversations accordingly. Based on this information, you can also recommend relevant products and services as the lead moves to different stages of the customer journey. 

Verloop.io <> Hubspot integration: a match made in heaven

Verloop.io – HubSpot integration helps you create new contacts. It keeps track of existing contacts, nurture potential customers and convert more leads into customers. This integration plays an important role in improving your customer service experience and thereby increasing customer retention. 

Hubspot integration with Verloop.io

80% of customers want personalisation in their conversations with your brand. And each interaction with customers gives you more insights into them. That’s why integrating your chatbot with your MarketingCRM such as HubSpot ensure smooth, personalised and high-quality conversations. 

Below are some of the actions you can take with HubSpot and Verloop.io integration. 

Tasks you can do with verloop - hubspot integration

To know more about how this integration can be enabled for your business, book a demo with us here

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations. Including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations. Rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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