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Verloop.io Partners with Accubits to Drive Support Automation

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Verloop.io Partners with Accubits to Drive Support Automation

Verloop.io, the leading specialist in conversational AI for customer support, announced today a partnership with Accubits, that enables businesses to build solutions in the digital service economy with their innovative solutions and advisory services.

Accubits offers integrated consulting and technology implementation services to businesses that want to redefine their customer success stories through digital transformation.

With Verloop.io, brands can deploy conversational AI automation into new channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Voice or SMS from a single platform. This enables brands to reduce their customer support operational expenses, increase their customer engagement and improve their contact centre efficiency. 

Accubits’ domain expertise enables enterprises to build custom solutions in the areas of blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, and AI amongst others. With clients from across the globe, Accubits has developed innovative products and solutions that enable businesses to digitally transform their business within a short span of time.

Shyam Sasidharan, Partnerships Manager at Accubits, says “Customer Experience is the only moat that a brand today truly has with its customer. With the changing landscape and the digital transformation wave, Verloop.io is perfectly suited for customer-facing enterprises that are looking to automate & personalise their customer support at scale. With Voice AI, Chat AI and Live Agent Assist, Verloop.io is fast becoming the Operating System for Customer Support.”

Gaurav Singh, CEO and Founder of Verloop.io, says “Verloop.io and Accubits share the same passion for building positive and delightful customer experiences. Our partnership with Accubits is exciting and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.” 

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