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Scale Effortless Support on WhatsApp with Verloop.io

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Scale Effortless Support on WhatsApp with Verloop.io

Last year, we announced that Verloop.io has officially become a WhatsApp BSP, and we’re proud to announce that this development has enabled Verloop.io to make waves via WhatsApp in delivering the best customer experience features that our customers could ask for! 

We strive forward with this thrilling opportunity and continue to develop innovative support solutions that simplify and strengthen the connection shared between businesses and their customers.

What It Means To Be A BSP

Let us walk you through what it means to be a BSP.  

BSP acts as a bridge between the WhatsApp API and a company. 

However, WhatsApp’s Help Centre aptly describes what it means to be a BSP.  WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP) is a global community of third-party WhatsApp business platform experts, according to the Help Center. WhatsApp BSPs assist you in 

  1. Configuring your API
  2. Interacting with your customers more effectively
  3. Ensuring that your use case complies with WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce policies

What Does it Mean for Our Clients?

Collaborating with a WhatsApp BSP can help businesses enhance their relationship with customers, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Working with a WhatsApp BSP can provide clients with a variety of benefits, such as 

  1. Best practices for optimising WhatsApp for business
  2. Technical support for any issues that you experience
  3. Access to the platform’s most recent capabilities and enhancements

What are the Advantages of Using An Official BSP like Verloop.io for Your Business?

By being a WhatsApp BSP, Verloop.io will allow businesses to effectively tap all of the new touchpoints via WhatsApp, eliminating any friction and ensuring better customer satisfaction.

Here’s how! 

1. Create and Manage Message Templates

If you’re not working with a WhatsApp BSP, you must first have META approve your WhatsApp message template to send outbound messages with WhatsApp. By integrating template submission into the WABA management portal we eliminated the need to leave their platform in order to submit and get templates approved.

2. Onboard/Migrate A Number to Verloop.io BSP

The process of onboarding/migrating a number can be tedious and time-consuming, however, working with an authorised and trusted BSP like Verloop.io can help ensure that the process is smooth, secure, and easy while onboarding or migrating a number to WhatsApp BSP.

3. Keep Tabs on Numbers Affiliated with WhatsApp and WABA Related Details

A platform like Verloop.io can help you keep track of your business number affiliated with WhatsApp, along with critical information related to WABA. This can be very fruitful for managing your WhatsApp Business account and providing quality customer support.

4. Inspect Usage and Analytics of Numbers Affiliated with WhatsApp

Inspecting the usage and analytics can enable you to take rapid action to optimise your messaging activity and improve your business performance on WhatsApp. This could include something as simple as adjusting your messaging frequency, improving your response time, or tailoring your messaging to specific customer segments.

Choose Verloop.io to Build Elevated Experiences with Customers via WhatsApp

Being a BSP, Verloop.io now offers unparalleled accessibility, features and perks on an enormous platform like WhatsApp. Furthermore, Verloop.io is already a market leader in Conversational AI. We have developed NLP (Natural Language Processing) and our in-house ML super bots to empower Conversational AI that can resolve 92% of all customer queries without the need for human intervention to resolve queries effortlessly and most humanely.

 So what are you waiting for? 

Schedule a demo with our experts today and take your customer experience to the next level.

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