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We Launched a Slack Integration!

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We Launched a Slack Integration!

There was a time when digital customer support was only considered as a safety net, for when customers couldn’t resolve their issues using more traditional means. But in the years since, messaging has risen to the forefront of communication.

Presenting Slack for Verloop.io

how to integrate slack with verloop

We at Verloop realize and recognize that more people are on their phones than ever before, and we’ve built vertically with this trend. With every company that has come onboard with us, we’ve made it a priority to ensure a smooth conversational experience for their customers. One of Verloop’s clients, Nykaa, engaged 99.7% of all its customers in under 1 minute using Verloop’s Conversational Live Chat.

And starting today, we take this commitment one step further, by launching Verloop’s Slack integration. As of September 2017, Slack has over six million daily active users. While that may pale in comparison to figures from other companies like Whatsapp’s billion-plus users, week-on-week retention with Slack is over 90%, better than most any of its competitors.

What next?

With the new update, Slack notifications are now in production. Whenever a customer talks to your bot, you’ll be able to gauge the conversation and monitor people who arrive on your website. We look to build over the coming month with the Verloop Slack integration, you’ll soon be able to talk to your teammates and customers without ever having to leave your favorite app. Whether a customer needs some help inside of your app, or someone has a question on your website’s pricing page, you’ll be able to give them the answer they need instantly.

If you’d like to integrate Slack, or apps like it with your Verloop account, head over to your Settings page and hit that integration button!

Also, have a look at our updated new templates.

If you require any further assistance on this, please let us know. We are happy to help!

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