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What Is WhatsApp Business API And How To Sign Up For It?

New to WhatsApp Business and want to learn more about WhatsApp API? In this quick video, we tell you what is WhatsApp Business API used for, and how you can set it up for your business in just 3 super easy steps!

  • Find the right Business Solution Provider.
  • Create your Facebook and WhatsApp Business Accounts.
  • Register your business phone number.

In our explainer video, we go down to every individual step you will need to know to set up and begin using your BSP’s WhatsApp API services.

A brief overview of what WhatsApp API is

WhatsApp API lets your business connect, sell, and support your customers on the world’s most popular chat app, at scale! From showcasing your product catalogue to deploying complete chat automation, WhatsApp Business API can offer many benefits for growing businesses.

Check out the complete potential of WhatsApp API for your business.