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Boost Your Engagement with Outreach by Verloop.io

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Boost Your Engagement with Outreach by Verloop.io

Customer engagement today is all about creating experiences that build trust. And 95% of customers say it’s their trust in companies that keeps them loyal. 

Having meaningful and delightful conversations with customers is at the heart of every engagement. At Verloop.io, we are constantly striving to enable our clients to offer delightful experiences to their customers. 

With this in mind, we have enhanced our Outreach feature to help you deliver better engagement through interactive messages, insights on campaign performance and other bug fixes. 

Today, proactive communication is an essential part of an engagement strategy. With Outreach, you can streamline and personalise your messages as timely campaigns and establish quicker touchpoints with your audience. 

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Why is proactive engagement important? And why on WhatsApp?

Customer engagement is all about committing to communicate relevant, personalised messages that bring value to customers. One of the most robust strategies to enable this is proactive communication. 

According to Statista, 70% of customers favour brands that offer or contact them with proactive messages. 

And with the world moving to customer engagement on messaging platforms (75% of customers prefer communicating with brands on messaging platforms), what’s a better channel than WhatsApp

Businesses have seen higher engagement on WhatsApp, including high open-, read- and response rates. No wonder it has been the platform of choice for customer support. But are you leveraging this channel to its full potential? 

Proactive communication has many benefits and clubbing it with WhatsApp can improve not only your engagement but also ROI. 

What’s new with WhatsApp Outreach?

# Better Outreach dashboard: Now, along with the campaign name, you will also see a preview of the message. This will help you recognise the campaign quicker. 

# Get actionable insights: You can now view the statistics on your latest outreach campaigns. This will help you see how well your campaign is performing. 

# Customise your view: We’ve added more functional columns in this release, columns that give you better insight into your campaigns. You can select and rearrange them as per your liking. You can also hide unwanted columns. 

# Search your campaigns/templates: The search option just got better with the new update. You can now easily find your previous campaigns by searching for a campaign name or even a word from the message template. 

# Use WhatsApp interactive message: You can now make proactive communication more interactive with the all-new WhatsApp Interactive Messages. Use the Call to Action and Quick Reply buttons in your template. 

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# Save response as a variable: You can now save your customer’s response from the outreach message as a variable and receive data in your reports. 

# Better performance: We’ve fixed tons of minor UI bugs. You will now have a better and optimised user experience on Outreach. 

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How can your brand use proactive messages? 

Proactive messages can do wonders to enhance your customer engagement which in turn boosts your ROI. For instance, a Forrester study found that 40% of surveyed companies saw higher CSAT scores because of proactive communications. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction in call centre load 
  • Improvement in agent productivity
  • Increase in revenue 

Below, we list some examples of how you can boost engagement with Outreach messages.

  1. Notify customers on what’s new
  2. Send personalised messages for festive promotions and offerings
  3. Inform customers about upselling- and cross-sell opportunities (and therefore boost sales)
  4. Send subscription reminders to a predefined set of customers
  5. Update customers on order status
  6. Bring back customers from cart-abandonment  

With Outreach, you can drive valuable experience and boost your customer interactions. Use WhatsApp to its full extent and uplift your engagement rates. To see how you can leverage Outreach on WhatsApp to grow your business, talk to our team now.  

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