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S3E04 – Empowering Customers and Creating Stellar Customer Experiences – Bhisham Bhateja, The Man Company

Duration 21:01


Bhisham Bhateja

Bhisham Bhateja

Co-Founder, The Man Company



Bhisham Bhateja is the co-founder of The Man Company, a premium men’s grooming product company. A Business leader with expertise in start-ups, operations, strategy consulting, and India entry consulting across e-commerce, retail, automobile and industrial space, at The Man Company he currently focuses on operational efficiency without compromising on the complete experience. He has also created a strong distribution network of over 20 marquee distributors for the mass market brand of perfumes and deodorants.

We cover:

  • What customer support is like at The Man Company?
  • Are customers keen on interacting with chatbots?
  • What are the magic ingredients that go into making delightful customer experiences?
  • Are personalisation and scalability still at odds with each other?