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Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot: 10 Reasons Your Company Needs One Today!

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Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot: 10 Reasons Your Company Needs One Today!

If you’re online-first, then I am sure that you have seen one, you’ve used one. After all, WhatsApp business chatbots are all the rage today.

Every modern consumer has probably used a WhatsApp chatbot to connect with brands and resolve their queries at some point in time. The benefits of a WhatsApp chatbot are immense and companies have seen some incredible results. There are firms that have reduced their sales cycles from days to minutes. Some have achieved unparalleled reach. Like this leading bank, that used one to resolve every 8 in 10 queries with no human intervention!

So why do companies NEED a WhatsApp Business chatbot?

10 benefits of using a WhatsApp chatbot for your business

From better visibility to better marketing, a WhatsApp chatbot has a lot to offer.

1. Wide reach on the world’s most popular chat app

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform. Over 2.4 billion active customers talk to their friends and family every day. Even WhatsApp own numbers are enlightening. In 2021, the brand claimed that over 100 billion messages are exchanged daily on the platform.

Companies follow customers on to platforms – and there’s arguably none bigger today than WhatsApp. It is a household name. From children aged 5 to 80-year-old traditionalists, virtually almost everyone uses WhatsApp.

The app is famed for having one of the most intuitive and simplistic interfaces around. Hence, ensuring that all customers can use the platform to its fullest – without necessarily having to be technologically adept.

This makes for easy onboarding and improves user stickiness. In fact, this eCommerce brand used WhatsApp for this very reason. It was the most ideal app to ensure smooth user onboarding in rural India. With a WhatsApp chatbot, they were able to serve over 500,000 rural households in India!

2. 24×7 availability with high security

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption makes it one of the most secure platforms in the world.

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what’s sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.

Thus, making WhatsApp the ideal platform to send messages that contain sensitive information. OTPs, transactional updates, and follow-ups can all be sent using WhatsApp. And unlike conventional channels, the top benefit of WhatsApp chatbots is that they are available round-the-clock to assist users.

3. Omnipresence helps you build more visibility and better customer relationships

Customers that enjoy hurdle-free support experiences are more likely to purchase from the company again.

Companies need to be where customers are, whenever customers need them. With its 24/7 automation, a chatbot covers the “when”. And with its incredible market penetration, WhatsApp allows you to optimize for the “where”.

WhatsApp ensures that your brand and company are never more than a click away. You can create a WhatsApp click-to-chat link and direct your users to your WhatsApp number. Include it on your website home page or your email newsletter – a WhatsApp click-to-chat link ensures your users know how and where to reach you in times of need. Your products are easy to reach and your services are convenient to avail.

4. Quicker, more agile, easy FAQ solving

If you are a business, we know your users shower you with a plethora of doubts and questions every day. On refund and order statuses for eCommerce brands or on home loan applications for banks – users are always searching for answers. But for you, this is an everyday chore.

A WhatsApp chatbot takes all of that burden off of you. So, all your most common, recurring questions are easily addressed by a WhatsApp chatbot – during the day or at night!

But that’s just the beginning – Verloop.io allows companies to automate even more. Transpose data from your chatbot to a CRM/OMS system of your choice automatically. Use webhooks to pull data from your systems to seamlessly provide your customers with the necessary information.

5. Happy user experiences with approved high-quality message templates

Good conversational experience is paramount to WhatsApp. And the company does not budge on that! WhatsApp has always been maintained as a personal one-to-one chat app for its users. So, this means that brands are not allowed to send random, irrelevant messages that plummet the quality of user experiences you render.

This is why businesses that want to initiate chats with users must do so through message templates. These message formats must be approved by the WhatsApp team to ensure high-quality, relevance, and unambiguity of communication. You’d also like to read:

6. Personalisation with user data and rich media

Beyond the WhatsApp chatbot’s ease and portability, a well-built and trained chatbot can try to emulate natural conversations. During these interactions, the chatbot is able to collect and recall user data and context when it’s relevant. It offers a high level of personalisation as now each of your individual users’ needs and behaviour is easily mapped out and catered to by a chatbot that’s highly contextual in its responses.

Moreover, its media richness makes it a great platform for companies to interact with customers. Unlike email or phone support, WhatsApp allows brands to send photos, videos, gifs, voice recordings, and documents.

Verloop.io’s Outreach feature helps you get the most out of conversations with personalised campaigns and a lot more! Read more here:

7. Product range that’s accessible with ease

WhatsApp is turning out to be the Mecca of online shopping.

While conventional eCommerce allowed users to shop online, WhatsApp conversational commerce is an upgrade to the user experience. For example, the newly launched single and multiple product messages allow you to offer a product or display a catalogue of 30 products that are relevant to the user’s needs. Read: Get Started with WhatsApp Interactive Messages

With entry points planted at specific digital locations, you can drive users to your WhatsApp shop, converse and sell meaningfully, and offer post-purchase support – all on the same chat window!

As the Official Business Partner with WhatsApp, Verloop.io is helping build a cohesive and thriving conversational commerce space for modern users of the app!

If you aren’t sure how that happens, check out: WhatsApp Commerce: How WhatsApp Enables Complete User Journeys with The Power of Conversations!

8. Marketing and advertising that’s targeted and tailor-made

One thing we are all clear about by now is that a WhatsApp chatbot ensures your user experience game stays on top of the ladder. While WhatsApp previously prohibited businesses from sending any marketing content, the rules have changed since September 2021.

WhatsApp now lets businesses send message templates that are non-transactional, and purely promotional. But of course, this is subject to certain rules. To ensure a high degree of relevancy to the user, your WhatsApp chatbot can send templates that your users have explicitly opted-in to receive, are personalised and provide value to the user with a clear CTA.

Such relevant messaging ensures higher open rates, better CTRs, more conversions, and simply more ROI for you.

9. Performance that’s measurable, tangible, and consequently, actionable

A WhatsApp chatbot doesn’t just help you streamline communication at the front end. Another benefit of a WhatsApp chatbot is that gives you a peek into your team’s performance.

For example, Verloop.io’s smart dashboard helps you visualise your chatbot and your support agent’s performance from a single vantage point. Track metrics like your first and average response time, resolution rate and time, and customer satisfaction score. You can find out the most common lags that need fixing and process gaps that need to be filled.

Best WhatsApp chatbots not only let you connect with users but also how to do it better in future with AI-driven actionable insights.

10. Faster, smarter agent routing

The problem with the unmanned channels/tools brands use is that human intervention never comes quickly enough. An email thread needs hours to rope the right department/agent in.

But, with a WhatsApp Business chatbot, however, humans can seamlessly and instantaneously pick up chats from the bot. This empowers agents to deliver excellent customer service, without having to work through thousands of monotonous chats. Read: Introducing Agent Skills for Smart Routing and Quick Support

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