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Freshdesk x Verloop.io: Integrate Your Ticketing System With Chatbot

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Freshdesk x Verloop.io: Integrate Your Ticketing System With Chatbot

Customer support is a must-have for delightful customer experiences. It needs to be hassle-free, personalised and most importantly, quick. What your business needs is a great setup with the right set of tools to boost CX. 

One such tool is a ticketing system, which is hands-down an integral part of any customer support team. Ticketing systems organise support reps’ workload and prioritise issues that are important and urgent. Most importantly, it creates tickets that document customer queries and interactions over time. 

With the usual channels of support changing from emails, phone and helpdesks to more self-serve channels such as chatbots and voicebots, companies are finding it difficult to track their customer interactions across channels. 

What businesses need is a conversational support platform that can talk seamlessly to all other units in tech-stack, be it Sales/Marketing CRM, workflow automation tools, or ticketing systems such as Freshdesk or Zendesk. Verloop.io makes this integration between a chatbot and the ticketing system readily available. With this integration, businesses can bridge the information gap that otherwise exists between support teams and the end-users. 

Support and conversations go hand-in-hand

Today, more and more customers are interacting with conversational AI solutions to self-serve and resolve simple queries by themselves. With conversational solutions, brands are efficiently managing their conversations with users and resolving customer issues quickly. As for complex questions, the chats are transferred to agents, who help the users find solutions in the best possible way. 

However, there are cases where the agents need more time and information before they can close the chat. At such times, you need a way to convert these chats into a new ticket or append them to an existing one on your ticketing platform. 

Even if the chat is resolved by the chatbot or an agent on a conversational platform, businesses want to record these conversations by creating tickets that contain the chat history. It helps them add context and resolve queries efficiently in the future. 

This makes it imperative for your ticketing platform to talk to conversational chatbots along the customer journey. 

Need for integrating ticketing system and an AI-Powered Chatbot

  1. Real-time record update — Boost your customer support by bringing your support history into your conversational chatbot and vice versa. A 2-way sync ensures all chats are automatically updated. You can create new tickets, view previous chats, add notes, and track status from the agent panel view on the chatbot. Real-time syncing ensures you aren’t missing any customer interaction due to manual processes. In short, you can automate and track all your customer interactions in one place.  
  1. SLA management — SLAs (service level agreement) set expectations for the response time. By integrating chatbot with a ticketing platform, you can manage and identify tickets that need immediate attention and assign an online agent to resolve them. Depending on the number of tickets assigned to an agent, you can also redistribute the workload so that more tickets are closed within the set deadlines. In addition to this, you can automate ticket escalation to managers whenever SLAs are not met. 
sla management
Assign chat to any department or agent
  1. 24×7 internal collaboration — Chatbots collect a lot of information on users and resolve many types of queries. Plus, you can add tags and notes to tickets for future reference. If a ticketing platform is integrated with an AI-powered platform, all similar queries can be categorised together and used for internal collaboration or agent training. It can also prioritise and filter for specific properties to assign tickets to specific agents. The automated ticketing workflow makes support easy for both your users and agents. 
internal collaboration
Once a chat is closed, you can add notes/tags for future reference
  1. Boost conversion rates — Chatbots are known to increase customer engagement multifold. Sometimes they interact with new users with whom you have no previous relationship. In such cases, new users (who have shown interest in your company) tickets can be shared with the sales team to pave the way for new conversations and sales opportunities. Tickets of older users can also be used to start conversations for upselling and cross-selling possibilities. This helps a business boost its conversion rate and increase revenues. 
  1. Unified view of customer interactions — An integrated conversational platform gives your agents an omnichannel customer timeline of all earlier interactions. Customer information, along with the complete context, is available to your agents in a single place. Your customers don’t have to repeat themselves and your agents don’t have to toggle between platforms to get the right information. It not only boosts agent performance but also has a direct impact on customer and employee satisfaction. 

Know how to: Power Up Customer Support with Verloop.io – Zendesk Integration

Verloop.io and Freshdesk Integration

Freshdesk is a popular ticketing platform used by many companies across the globe. It is built to manage tickets and help agents work collaboratively with their teams. In turn, it improves agent productivity and helps provide speedy responses to customers. 

Opening the lines of communication through Freshdesk integration with Verloop.io bridges the gap in the transfer of information. Some benefits you can reap are:

  • Create and modify a ticket on Freshdesk from the conversations your business is having with the users. 
  • Manage tickets from customer interactions on any of the channels Verloop.io supports (i.e. web chat, WhatsApp chatbot, Facebook messenger, Instagram, etc.)
  • Enable customers to self-serve by allowing chatbots and agents to pull relevant information /articles from Freshdesk. 
  • Resolve queries faster by syncing previous user interaction information on Freshdesk with Verloop.io’s conversational AI platform. And in real-time. 
  • Increase agent efficiency by automating routine tasks such as assigning, categorising or escalating tickets to managers, etc. 
  • Deliver delightful CX by assigning agents from specific departments and allowing collaboration between multiple agents, right from Verloop.io’s platform. 
  • Track and measure your support team’s performance with data on support metrics such as FRT, AHT, CSAT, etc.
  • Increase customer loyalty by improving CX through faster query resolution, relevant replies and personalised conversations.

To know more about how Freshdesk integration can be enabled for your business, book a demo with us here

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations and rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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