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Verloop.io – Finacle Integration Takes Digital Financial Service to Next Level

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Verloop.io – Finacle Integration Takes Digital Financial Service to Next Level

Banking is one of the leading industries to adopt digitisation and advanced technologies. Over the years, we’ve seen the industry move from onsite to the website, phone and mobile banking. And to achieve this, they use core banking services. 

Core banking services allows banks to digitalise their services. It helps make bill payments, transfer funds, apply for loans and much more on digital platforms. 

To further their digital presence and improve their customer support experience, banks are now adopting conversational chatbots. These AI-powered chatbots deliver delightful experiences at every customer touchpoint. From automating redundant and tedious processes to reducing human error and long wait times. 

In banking, conversational chatbots leverage natural language processing and machine learning to converse with customers and perform online transactions. It allows banks to have two-way interactions with their customers from anywhere and any time of the day. 

With AI, banks have more insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This allows them to deliver personalised suggestions and recommendations. 

A bank can also provide a superior support experience if it can integrate the core banking service software with its chatbot. That way, customers can perform banking transactions right from the chatbot itself. 

New-age banking with chatbot integration

A conversational AI-powered chatbot integrated with a bank’s core banking service software can be a powerful tool to improve customer experience and also conversion. 

Other than answering frequently asked questions on banking services and making simple payment transactions, this integration will also allow banks to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on ongoing customer interactions. 

Finacle, a leading core banking service software, is driving digital transformation in banks. It is helping banks achieve frictionless experiences, insights-driven interactions and ubiquitous automation. 

Verloop.io – Finacle integration 

Digital services are key for any banking and financial services to stay up to date with customer expectations. Integrating a core banking service with a chatbot is a step towards ensuring end-to-end banking experiences. It will also strengthen relationships between the bank and customers.   

Finacle is a core banking solution that is widely used across 100 countries and serves over a billion customers and accounts. It drives multilingual and multi-currency transactions with efficient alert systems. It extensively covers banking domains such as core banking, compliance management, lending management, online and private banking, etc. 

Enabling the integration of a core banking system such as Finacle with Verloop.io’s chatbot will allow the bank and financial institution to provide an end-to-end digital banking experience. 

A customer can complete the transaction on the chatbot itself. It also enables the agents to see customer information in a single view. The Finacle integration will pull data into the Smart Plugins widget available on the Verloop.io platform. This personalises the banking customer’s support experience. 

And as customers love interacting with chatbots, banks can pull a lot of information on them from the chatbot interactions. This can be further used for accurate audience segmentation. With this information, you can schedule and set up campaigns across various channels within a chatbot. 

To know more about how this integration can be enabled for your business, book a demo with us here

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations and rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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