What is WhatsApp eCommerce?

WhatsApp Commerce is a conversational commerce model where online e-commerce brands can connect with customers, sell their products and services, and lead their entire marketing and sales funnel with the help of AI like chatbot or voicebot.

WhatsApp e-commerce creates professional interaction and enhances the conversational experience. It allows customers to ask for support from a live agent or a chatbot regarding product information, catalogs, personalised recommendations, etc., everything under one conversation. However, there are two ways of doing WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Commerce Offer

Seamless Customer
Being Present Where Your Customers Are
Respond to Frequent Queries

WhatsApp commerce provides better connectivity to customers through two key features:

Instant messaging: –  With instant messaging, businesses can engage with their customers in real-time, providing them with instant support and assistance throughout the purchase journey.

 Broad reach: -WhatsApp has a massive user base, with over 2 billion active users worldwide. This provides businesses with a significant opportunity to reach a vast audience and connect with customers on a global scale.

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Open the Lines for Better Communication

Benefits of Incorporating WhatsApp Commerce into Your Business Strategy

read rate
Enhanced customer engagement
brand recall
Streamlined sales
Broad reach to a
massive global user base
quick launch
Share product information and payment acceptance
reduce costs
Targeted marketing campaigns
customer satisfaction
Improved customer experience

Why do you need WhatsApp commerce for your business?

Incorporating WhatsApp commerce into a business strategy can lead to several benefits. With the ability to engage instantly with customers and streamline the sales process, businesses can provide an enhanced customer experience. Additionally, WhatsApp’s broad reach provides a significant opportunity to expand a business’s customer base and reach new markets. By utilizing WhatsApp commerce, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital world.

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Wider reach

WhatsApp’s massive user base (2 Billion) and convenient features make it an ideal tool for businesses to connect with potential customers globally. It enables easy sharing of product information and even allows payment acceptance, while also providing businesses with the ability to run targeted marketing campaigns and personalized promotional messages.

Improved Customer Experience

Ticket routing

WhatsApp commerce helps you set up automated messages and chatbots, which can quickly direct complex customer inquiries to representatives. As a result, the queries get timely resolution, improving customer satisfaction. Also, the platform allows third-party tool integration like CRM, that optimises ticket routing at a more advanced level.

24/7 availability

WhatsApp commerce allows businesses to offer customer support around the clock. Customers can get timely support outside of regular business hours. So even if the user is from a different region or time zone, WhatsApp commerce enables businesses to communicate with them in real-time.

Collecting Customer Data
Cost- Efficient

Cost Effective

Since WhatsApp commerce is a messaging platform, it doesn’t require you to spend more on staffing, training, or infrastructure. Likewise, marketing and promoting your products and services are much cheaper than traditional mediums like print, television, and radio. Moreover, customers can directly make the payment via an app, which saves cost on payment processing fees.

How does WhatsApp Commerce Work?

To enable WhatsApp commerce, businesses can integrate it with an existing conversational AI solution via API or create a new one. The chatbot then assists customers with queries and guides them through the purchase journey.
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Commerce NLU

The commerce NLU (natural language understanding) refers to the ability of AI chatbots to understand customer behaviour and language. It enables the AI to recognise and categorise product names, understand customer queries and intentions, and offer product recommendations. It enables features like domain knowledge, information extraction, sentiment analysis, and a recommendations engine.

Conversational Intelligence
Improved Customer Experience

Care NLU

The care NLU analyses the emotion of customers. It studies their pain point, the intent behind the conversation, and more. And the key aspects of care NLU include language detection, automatic speech recognition (ASR), context management, conversational Engine, and spell correction.

Conversation Studio

It operates on a graphical model that designs, builds conversational flow, and tests the conversational interface. You can analyse the conversational flow of your chatbot and check if there are any bugs or other issues. It helps you evaluate your bot’s performance and improves the solution based on actual data.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Live Agent Chat

The live agent chat solution monitors the conversation between the chatbot and customers to facilitate smooth transfer to human agents, in case the chat is complex.

WhatsApp Business App
WhatsApp Business app is a free platform to use. E-commerce through the WhatsApp Business app allows companies to create a business profile and add contact details like phone number and website. In addition to that, the WhatsApp e-commerce store can showcase its product catalogue in the profile that might contain charges, sizes, customisable options, and other features, which make it easier for customers to understand better about your brand. You can create and send various greetings and away messages automatically via the WhatsApp business app when you’re not available.
WhatsApp Business API
Unlike WhatsApp business apps, WhatsApp Business API is a bit sophisticated. You’ll have to pay a certain amount to leverage the API for your e-commerce. It allows automation that enables your customers to contact you for support at any time. Automation allows us to handle tickets 3X faster compared to phone calls. Hence, you can resolve customer queries faster, thus building trust and enhancing your brand reputation. E-commerce on WhatsApp provides automated alerts and notifications for order updates, delivery alerts, and reminders, while also utilizing rich promotional messages to encourage purchases with up to 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates.

How to Set Up A WhatsApp Commerce Store?

If you wonder how to create a WhatsApp e-commerce store, then let me tell you, it isn’t an uphill task. The first thing you need to do is to create your WhatsApp business account. Just like Facebook, the WhatsApp feature allows you to have a business page where you can exhibit your products inside a shop tab of your business page. Once ready, you can start selling your products in the WhatsApp marketplace. But all this can be simplified with the help of WhatsApp BSP like Verloop.io. So let us see how to set up a WhatsApp commerce store.

Set up a WhatsApp Business Profile

Small businesses with less volume of messages and fewer users can take more advantage of WhatsApp profiles.

  • Android users can download the WhatsApp business app from the Google play store. Whereas iOS users can download it from the App Store.
  • You’ll receive an OTP for verification on your business phone number.
  • Go to the settings and add your business name and logo.
  • Now go to business tools and select a business profile. Here, you’ll have to fill in all the required information.
  • Once again, select the catalog option from the business tools and add all your products and services.
  • Now that you’ve set up your e-commerce business, make the adjustments in your profile as per your need.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Setting Up an eCommerce Store with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API offers you upgraded features with limitless messaging capabilities. Unlike the WhatsApp business app, it’s not a free tool. And To integrate WhatsApp API, you’ll have to submit your business details to WhatsApp solutions like Verloop.io. Here’s how you can set up the store.

  • Tap on WhatsApp Business API to take you to the WhatsApp business API setup page.
  • You must fill out the form with the required information and submit the application to the Meta team.
  • Now your task is completed. Wait until Meta approves your API request within 2-3 days.
  • Once the verification is completed, you’re all set to go.
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What Benefits does WhatsApp’s Integrated eCommerce Store Have?

Boost Customer Engagement

Businesses can offer one-on-one personalised support to customers via WhatsApp commerce. They can respond in real-time with relevant replies, or share various offers and discounts on the platform with the help of features like catalog, automated messages, and quick replies. It helps build relationships with customers, leading to a boost in engagement.

Conversational Intelligence

Promotes A Wider Customer Base

WhatsApp e-commerce is a platform where businesses can reach out and connect to wider audiences and expand their customer base. Since WhatsApp is a common platform in many countries around the world, connecting with customers in multiple markets becomes easier. Its familiar user interface helps businesses connect better


Setting up WhatsApp commerce will cost you a lot less as compared to other traditional platforms like websites. You’ll have to pay for every step, starting from designing, hosting, and marketing. Whereas, WhatsApp commerce does not require setting up a separate website or mobile app, which reduces cost. The customers are already there, you just need to connect. In addition to that, the automation streamlines customer interaction, which eliminates the need for additional staff. Hence saving operational costs.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Better Marketing

The one-on-one interaction helps businesses understand their customers better. They can promote their product once trust and loyalty are built. With the help of catalog features, they can flaunt their products most appealingly and generate more interest and sales.

Valuable Customer Data

It’s easy to access customer data with WhatsApp commerce. The conversation history proves as a gold mine for businesses to study customers’ purchase history and preferences. And that can be used to improve customer engagement and marketing strategy.

Collecting Customer Data

How Verloop.io Can Help You?

Verloop.io is powered by machine language (ML) /natural language understanding (MLU), which unifies multiple channel conversations with customers, making their reach quicker. It engages them with a personalised experience and provides your live chat agents useful insights that come in handy while resolving customers’ concerns in real-time. Other than that, here’s how Verloop.io’s ai chatbot helps your e-commerce.

Instant response

Messages and queries usually flood WhatsApp e-commerce stores. Verloop.io’s live chat helps you get in touch with each message the second they are received. And assign the urgent ticket to your live agent in real time without missing out on being available to your customers. Along with that, it detects chat statuses that require quick attention.

Conversational Intelligence

Smooth customer experience

Verloop.io’s bot creates a flawless customer experience by initiating a conversation with a greeting and closing the conversation. It helps collect details like email IDs from your customer and offers helpful information regarding the product and makes product recommendations. Not just that, but it even helps you get quick feedback. Verloop.io sought a powerful cloud infrastructure that stores customers’ responses as a variable for future reference. It helps agents keep updated with relevant context.

Multilingual support

Verloop.io’s bot makes your customer feel included by conversing in multiple languages. It helps maintain a smooth flow of conversation by taking in the language that your customers understand. Verloop.io supports about 20+ languages. So, reach out to a diverse customer base and remove the geographical boundaries and improve your ROI.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

User-friendly interface

Customers can easily speak about their queries and concerns with the record button on WhatsApp, to seek support from the support team. The bot receives the voice note as transcribed text that can be further used to understand the intent and concern. So Verloop.io helps maintain a smooth flow of communication.

Seamless Customer
Respond to Frequent
Make Product
Collect Customer
Schedule a demo

Learn More About Verloop.io

Verloop.io provides convenient and efficient chatbot integration that allows users to access information, complete tasks, and receive support without needing to interact with humans. It integrates chatbots into various platforms, like CRM, chats, marketing, and payments.

Marketing System

Verloop.io connects your marketing tools to automate actions and improve the performance of your services. It eliminates the need to go back and forth between systems as it syncs data in an instant. Some of the best marketing integration it offers are Clever Tap , bombora, WebEngage, Leedfeeder, ipdata, and capillary.

Conversational Intelligence


Verloop.io has integrated with some of the most trusted payment brands like Razorpay, CC Avenue, and Xendit. The integration helps customers make Swift payments via a secure payment gateway. The chatbot will handle customers’ transactions automatically, minimising the payment process time. Hence,improving customer experience.

CRM and Ticketing Software

Integrating chatbot CRM helps businesses offer seamless and personalised customer experience. Chatbots can access and update customers’ data in real-time, to improve data management. It makes full use of data stored in the CRM, which helps the chatbot offer relevant answers, making the interaction more reliable. And also promotes quick resolutions.

Verloop.io integrates with about 10+ CRM platforms and provides a flawless customer experience. Some of the famous CRM platforms are Hubspot, Leadsquared, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Oracle, and more  

Conversational Intelligence

Messaging Channels

Customers are found scattered on different channels. You can reach out to your customers wherever they are, and offer the best solution. Verloop.io’s unified console helps you connect with your customers on different channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

Verloop.io – The Tool Your eCommerce Store
Needs for Happier Customers

Convenience at Fingertips
Companies using eCommerce chatbots from Verloop.io have managed to engage 99% of their customers in under 1 minute.
Lead Generation on Auto-Pilot
eCommerce Chatbot Messengers from Verloop.io help lead generation, and companies saw a 30%-150% increase in lead generation.
Intelligent Conversations with a Multilingual Bot
Verloop.io’s eCommerce chatbots do the heavy lifting, interacting with your customers in the language of their preference! 

Verloop Whatsapp Platform

The Verloop.io platform is designed to provide a unified solution for both customer engagement and agent assistance, offering features that not only engage customers but also assist agents in delivering personalized and informative responses, as well as creating summaries of conversations. With Verloop.io you can handle 10X conversations with much less support resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsApp Commerce Free?

No, WhatsApp commerce services are not free. It’s less costly than other traditional platforms, but you’ll have to pay a certain price to avail of benefits from WhatsApp API. It also depends on the number of customers you are engaging via WhatsApp business API. Also, there are data and SMS fees for sending and receiving messages.

How Do I Set Up A WhatsApp Commerce Account?

Setting up a WhatsApp commerce can be done at the click of a finger. You’ll have to register your WhatsApp business account with a verified phone number. Then you will have to integrate WhatsApp API to manage customers’ orders and payments.

Is WhatsApp Commerce Secure?

WhatsApp commerce is safe for both customers and businesses. The platform secures the conversation between the user and the business. Be it calls, messages, or files, everything is secured with end-to-end encryption. However, one should be wary of online fraud. Sensitive credentials should not be shared with anyone.

Can Every Country Leverage WhatsApp Commerce?

Currently, WhatsApp commerce is limited to only a few countries like India, Brazil, and Mexico.