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Guide on Setting Up WhatsApp Business API with

Positive customer experience is everything today. And one way to offer such an experience is through a WhatsApp Business account. 

What is WhatsApp Business API? 

It is a solution offered by WhatsApp to power business communication for medium and large companies. WhatsApp Business API allows brands to engage with their customers at scale and build strong relationships with them. 

With the help of WhatsApp Business API, brands can:

  • Scale their customer engagement
  • Resolve customer queries 24×7
  • Help customers connect with agents
  • Provide an end-to-end shopping experience

If you are a brand that’s looking to upgrade your customer communication and deliver delightful experiences, WhatsApp Business API is the solution for you. 

Download this guide to get information on how to set up your WhatsApp Business API client, the steps involved in registering your account and how to integrate WhatsApp Business API with  

The process of how to get WhatsApp Business API is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Prerequisites – Before you start, for the WhatsApp Business API documentation, you must gather together the assets required to complete the API integration. 
  2. Action items – The steps involved in applying for WhatsApp Business API with an official business solution provider (BSP). 
  3. Post-completion – We cover points involved post the creation of your WhatsApp Business API, from setting up message templates and metrics.