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Agent Experience and Conversational AI (MENA Region)

Agent Experience is an overall integration of everything an agent goes through as a part of their job. It represents the status of their efficiency, empowerment, enablement, and efficiency at work. The load of their work, the growth opportunities, the customer’s behaviour, everything makes an integral part of the agent experience.

A good customer experience starts with the agent experience. As the face of the company, they directly interact with customers. And it doesn’t stop there. Employee engagement can increase an organisation’s profits by as much as 21%.

Conversational AI proves to be a capable ally on the agent’s side by addressing a human agent’s pain points.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is Agent Experience?
  • Factors Affecting Agent Experience
  • How You Can Improve CX with Agent Experience
  • Conversational AI: Your Agent’s New Best Friend
  • Analyse Agent KPIs with Conversational AI
  •’s Differentiating Approach to Agent Experience
  • Increasing AI Acceptance Among the Support Agents