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Boosting Customer Support: Wonderla’s 80% Bot Deflection Triumph

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In the realm of amusement parks, customer support often revolves around limited options. Visitors typically need to physically visit the park, check the help desk in person, rely on call assistance or seek assistance from an on-site concierge. One of India’s largest amusement parks encountered the same set of challenges, which became more apparent in the post-pandemic world

About Wonderla

Wonderla, India’s largest chain of amusement parks. Founded in 2000 with the establishment of Wonderla Kochi, this thrilling venture expanded with a second park in Bangalore in 2005 and a third in Hyderabad in April 2016. 

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Wonderla Holidays Limited operates. The three amusement parks and the resort offer its visitors of all ages an array of exhilarating experiences. With a diverse range of rides, resorts and attractions, Wonderla has become the go-to destination for families and friends seeking a day filled with fun and excitement. 

From heart-pounding roller coasters to captivating shows, Wonderla ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Having entertained over 35 million people since its inception, Wonderla’s popularity and success are undeniable. Last year alone, the amusement park welcomed an impressive 3.3 million guests, attesting to its enduring allure. With recent expansions in Chennai and Bhubaneswar, Wonderla continues to reach new heights, providing guests with unforgettable experiences through innovative rides and attractions.

Challenges Faced

Imagine the frustration when guests had to navigate the IVRS maze or send emails just to find out the park’s operating hours or if it was open. Talk about a rollercoaster of queries! Our organisation faced this all-too-common challenge across our four properties. We knew we needed a solution that could handle these repetitive inquiries, even when our agents were off on their own adventures.” – Suryanarayanan N, Vice President, Marketing and Growth

Complex IVR Systems: Guests encountered frustration while navigating the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), leading to difficulty in finding essential information, such as the park’s operating hours or its status (open/closed).

Tedious Email Queries: Guests had to resort to sending emails to seek basic information, which was time-consuming and added to their frustration. 

Repetitive Inquiries: The organisation faced a high volume of repetitive inquiries across all four properties, which required efficient handling to improve customer satisfaction. 

Limited Agent Availability: With agents occasionally unavailable due to their own duties and adventures, there was a need for a solution that could handle queries 24/7. 

Lack of Unified Platform: The absence of a unified platform made it challenging to answer customer queries promptly and consistently across all properties.

Instant Customer Satisfaction: The organisation aimed to provide guests with instant satisfaction by quickly resolving their queries and guiding them towards a hassle-free booking experience through a dedicated booking page. 

Solution stood out to us for its user-friendly interface, seamless integrations, and direct WhatsApp business service. We have also utilised their AI future to train the solution with frequently asked questions and relevant answers.” –  Suryanarayanan N, Vice President, Marketing and Growth

The organization had yet to explore the untapped potential of using WhatsApp for business endeavours, missing out on the opportunities and benefits offered by this popular messaging platform. Or how conversational AI could help create a unified support system for customers over any platform customers choose. empowered Wonderla to achieve a complete end-to-end query resolution for their customers. From park rules and timings to ticket pricing, ongoing offers, cancelling or rescheduling prior bookings, and even ticket booking, all queries were efficiently addressed.

In the words of Surya, “Humans can get bored answering repetitive questions, but AI won’t!” also helped Wonderla to launch campaigns on the most popular messaging platform; WhatsApp, to keep their customers informed regarding any new updates and offers. The solution went live on June 22, 2022, and has since been actively assisting customers in their queries.


One of the standout features of is its comprehensive set of capabilities that enable the creation of highly effective and engaging conversation flows. With features like natural language processing and seamless integrations with various popular platforms, offers a wide range of tools to enhance conversational AI functionality. – Suryanarayanan N, Vice President, Marketing and Growth

Average Monthly Chat Volume: The conversational AI solution has successfully handled an average of over 5,000 chats per month, effectively managing numerous customer inquiries and bookings.

Average Resolution Time: With the solutions’ quick responses and efficient handling of inquiries, the average resolution time has been reduced to an impressive 40 minutes, ensuring customers receive timely and satisfactory assistance.

Average First Response Time: The solution’s near-instantaneous first response time of 5 seconds demonstrates its ability to engage with customers promptly, creating a positive user experience.

Bot Deflection Rate: The high bot deflection rate of 80% showcases its effectiveness in handling general queries and resolving customer inquiries without the need for human intervention.

24/7/365 Days Support: Wonderla now offers seamless customer support round-the-clock, every day of the year, thanks to’s conversational AI. Customers can get their queries addressed promptly, even during non-business hours, providing a superior support experience and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

In just one month since its launch, the number of unique users witnessed an astounding approximate 2000% surge, and over the following six months, it maintained an impressive average growth of 530%. Additionally, recurring users experienced a remarkable surge of 243.48% after two months of launch. has proven particularly valuable in addressing customer queries and managing ticket sales outside of regular working hours when staff is unavailable. By automating responses and managing general inquiries, the conversational AI has saved valuable time that would have otherwise been spent managing emails, IVRS, and social media channels.

The main objective of integrating conversational AI is to enhance customer support; however, it has also played a role in boosting ticket sales, resulting in higher engagement and increased ticket purchases through the automated conversation process. Despite not assigning agents specifically for lead generation, the smooth interactions of the solution have indirectly contributed to generating more revenue compared to the previous reliance on buying tickets through the counter.

Additionally, the solution has significantly reduced the required number of agents for night shifts, further optimising operational costs and resources.

In summary,’s conversational AI has successfully transformed Wonderla’s customer support operations, providing efficient and personalised assistance to customers and streamlining ticket sales. The implementation of conversational AI has not only improved customer satisfaction but also enhanced operational efficiency for the amusement park.

Thanks to the implementation of the conversational AI solution, we have managed to reduce the required number of agents for night shifts. Although we do not utilize the solution for lead generation, we have noticed a significant increase in conversations and ticket sales facilitated through it. –  Suryanarayanan N, Vice President, Marketing and Growth