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Fenix Enhances Customer Experience: 65.67% CSAT with Conversational AI Solution

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In the car-dominated GCC region, where cars are the primary mode of transportation, diversifying the options can be a challenging task. However, one company managed to do just that by introducing rental electric scooters and bikes, offering users an alternative mode of transport. With this innovative approach, Fenix faced the new challenge of assisting customers in this domain with their queries related to laws, products, and more. Let’s delve deeper into how Fenix successfully overcame this challenge and provided exceptional support to its customers.

But first, let’s get to know about Fenix,

About Fenix

Meet Jaideep Dhanoa (CEO) and IQ Sayed (CTO), the visionary founders of Fenix, based in Abu Dhabi. Their mission is simple but powerful: “unleash urban potential through faster, more affordable, and better-connected journeys so you are empowered to do what you’re meant to.” Faced with a car-centric region dominated by private cars and analogue transport, they set out to revolutionise transportation options for users. 

Fenix offers a range of light vehicles, such as electric scooters and bicycles, providing diverse and sustainable transportation choices in partnership with government entities and real estate developers across various cities. Their fleet includes e-scooters, e-bikes, and cars integrated with public transit, giving users flexible mobility solutions. Their innovative business model includes shared vehicles, where users drive themselves, as well as subscription-based vehicles delivered right to your doorstep.

The hardware-as-a-service approach ensures smart and connected vehicles with rides and maintenance are taken care of seamlessly. Fenix also offers hailed vehicles for on-demand transportation and handles package delivery services for both B2C and B2B clients. Currently, Fenix operates in the Middle East and Turkey, spanning five countries in total. Their commitment to expanding urban possibilities through innovative, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions has won them acclaim and admiration in the industry. They were launched 2 years ago in 2020.

Challenges Faced

Fenix encountered two significant challenges when embarking on its rapid expansion and introducing a rental light vehicle service in a region primarily dominated by privately owned cars:

“So one of our company values is customer obsession. And I mean, like a lot of startups, solving customer needs first, thinking, being customer-centric, what’s best for the customer rather than what’s easiest for the company. And because we’ve been introducing these new products into the market, I guess there’s a lot of customer education, a lot of questions that customers have because of different rules and requirements for these products. Some of them are set by the government. Some of them are in our own product-related rules.” – Jaideep Dhanoa, CEO, Co-Founder 

Educating Users: As this innovative product was entirely new to the market, users had numerous inquiries about the product and the government regulations that applied to it. Fenix aimed to introduce a more sophisticated solution that could effectively educate their customers about the rules, their product offerings and product usage.

Catering Mass Queries: As a nascent company in the industry, Fenix faced the challenge of not having an advanced and well-established customer support system in place. With a growing user base, enabled by quick expansion and increasing popularity of their rental light vehicle services, the volume of customer queries surged to over 10,000 emails daily. This high influx of inquiries made it essential for Fenix to find a more efficient and effective way to handle customer support and resolve their concerns promptly.

Solution came well recommended and seemed to address the needs we had and more.” – Jaideep Dhanoa, CEO, Co-Founder 

Thanks to’s assistance, Fenix successfully introduced a comprehensive omnichannel conversational AI support system across various platforms, including WhatsApp, Website, Instagram, and Facebook. This strategic move allowed them to cater to a broader audience base, expanding their reach and accessibility. The conversational AI support offered by is available in three major languages: English, Arabic, and Turkish, enabling Fenix to seamlessly connect with customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. 

With this powerful solution in place, Fenix experienced significant improvements in addressing customer inquiries effectively and efficiently. Customers were able to seek assistance for a wide range of topics, such as product-related queries and scooter operation concerns. Additionally, the conversational AI support was instrumental in managing Fenix Express – the delivery services division – and providing comprehensive assistance for delivery-related matters. 

By leveraging’s advanced technology, Fenix could streamline its customer support processes, enhance query resolution, and ensure a seamless and satisfying user experience. The adoption of this versatile conversational AI support system not only simplified customer interactions but also allowed Fenix to focus on further expanding its services while ensuring high customer satisfaction levels across all their verticals.

Results – Enhanced Customer Experience through Omnichannel Support

Fenix’s implementation of conversational AI support brought about a seamless and efficient support function, enabling them to address post-sales queries with ease and provide omnichannel support to customers wherever they may be. Gone were the days of relying on outdated support systems that consumed hours for resolution. With the power of conversational AI, customer queries were resolved in a matter of minutes, significantly enhancing the speed of query resolution compared to traditional email support. 

The positive impact of this transformation was evident in the reduced first response time, which plummeted to an impressive 1.03 minutes, a stark contrast to the hours it used to take via the email system. 

The sophistication of the automated support system led to a remarkable bot deflection rate of 71.2%, showcasing a substantial decrease in the reliance on human agents for query resolution. 

Most importantly, Fenix witnessed a substantial improvement in their Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). The reduction in response time, resolution time, and the provision of an omnichannel experience in customers’ preferred languages led to a noteworthy CSAT score of 65.67%. 

This was a testament to the enhanced customer experience and the positive impact of conversational AI support on overall customer satisfaction. With these remarkable outcomes, Fenix solidified its position as a customer-centric organisation, committed to delivering top-notch support, efficient query resolution, and an exceptional experience to every customer. The successful integration of conversational AI support not only bolstered their support function but also paved the way for further growth and success in the dynamic and competitive market. came well recommended and seemed to address the needs we had and more.” – Jaideep Dhanoa, CEO, Co-Founder