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MediBuddy Increased Its CSAT To Over 90% After Moving To’s Chatbot


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Aslam Sheikh and why humans are better with bots

MediBuddy’s Head of Customer Service, Aslam Sheikh knew he was living on borrowed time. Using just email and phone calls, MediBuddys’ team of over 250+ service reps was struggling to keep up with the flood of incoming queries. MediBuddy ran various verticals for the services they provided, like health checkups, medicines, consultations, lab tests, dental care, hospitalisation, and genome studies. Unsurprisingly, customers had questions about technical topics; policy terms, coverage, partner hospitals, etc. Manually training human reps to answer these questions was difficult, but answering the 800+ concurrent questions in real-time was next to impossible.’s powerful FAQ features were accurate enough to rival real-time human support; customers gave the bot identical CSAT scores – over 90% on average.

-Aslam Sheikh, Head of Customer Service – MediBuddy

1. Knowledge is Power, but Power is Power

Aslam initially aimed to automate only a small portion of MediBuddy’s FAQs. However, after a sales call with Devyani Kolhapure,’s VP – Business Development, Aslam set his sights higher – Complete automation, with a skeletal support crew, without any loss in satisfaction compared to a fully human support system.

Using’s daily reporting tools, Aslam could identify where bottlenecks sprung up. He could pinpoint what the most frequently asked queries on a particular day were and where his team needed to improve documentation. The chatbots analytic accuracy cleaned up the noise that came from human error and intervention.

Aslam’s customer support staff is now just 25 people, down from over 250, and the bot allows them to respond to queries in seconds, instead of minutes.

Hiring and training customer service representatives is always a challenge. MediBuddy’s service reps are put through a rigorous 2-week training regiment before they can even touch the phones or type an email. This represented a massive drain in man-hours. Training all 250 representatives for two weeks rounds up to 500 weeks. Cumulatively, that’s nearly 10 years.

Building the first rendition of MediBuddy’s bot took under five days – from construction to deployment.

2. Time is of the Essence

Insurance is an industry that is in a constant battle between speed and sureness. Companies want to be fast. They constantly boast about the speed of filing, claims and approval. But this speed can’t come at the expense of due diligence. Insurance companies can’t afford to get sloppy or cut time on the actual task of handling policies and claims. So how do you make processes faster in an industry that needs to move slow?

Using a Chatbot, MediBuddy accelerated every step of the sales journey for their customers. Customers were on-boarded quicker, had their questions answered faster and claims processed more smoothly. Also, customers could also submit documents straight from the bot and could have their concerns escalated in less time. The bot ensured that responses were consistent and on-brand. All of these factors ensured that customers were given expeditious service and support.