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O2 Spa Used’s Chatbots To Engage Over 60,000 Customers Every Month


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Aldin Ambosta and why a personalized Customer Experience is key

Aldin Ambosta, Head of CX for O2 Spa wasn’t new to the role of technology in customer experience. Before using, the company dabbled with live chat and other chatbot platforms, but simply didn’t find the success it strived for.

To ensure every interaction meets its high quality standards, all of O2 Spa’s 100+ outlets are company owned-and-operated. The company also runs its own training facility called O2 Skills Academy to maintain this standardized excellence. So any innovation that was brought to the table had to be amazing from day 1, and then 24/7, 365.

With’s VP of Business Development and Growth, Devyani Kolhapure in tow, Adlin sought to build the perfect chatbot for O2 Spa. Zero missed chats, instant response times and tailored sales pitches, at scale, were the demands. Using’s Conversational Sales Platform, O2 Spa was able to achieve all three of its goals, and then some.

The bot is fast from a response standpoint, because that’s what customers want. Using, we’ve managed to reduce our ART by almost 80%

Aldin Ambosta, Head of Customer Experience – O2 Spa

1. Speak Their Language

60% of O2 Spa’s customers are millenials and this presented the company with a unique problem; “how do you sell to individuals who don’t want to be sold to?” Research has shown that younger demographics are increasingly turning away from traditional sales tools like emails, phone calls and forms. Continuing down this path would make for bad experiences and unhappy customers.

Messaging is the new “in-thing”. More people interact with each other using a messaging app than they do using social media. Over 18.7 billion texts are sent out everyday. Since 2016, monthly active users for the Big 4 for Messaging Apps have consistently beaten the Big 4 of Social Media. Messaging provides customers with faster responses, easier support access, better reply rates and more personalized engagement.

Devyani took these insights and built O2 Spa a conversational platform that better resembled a human conversation. The bot collected information about customers in real-time. Aldin wanted the bot to collect the users name, contact number and email ID. Using integrations, however, Devyani took it one step further.

2. Integration, All the Way

In the modern digital business, your sales and support tools are not just individual pieces of software. They’re cogs in a massive machine and they need to speak to each other.

Running integrations with ensures that every lead generated and every support ticket raised is in-sync.

As part of our Enterprise Payment Plan, O2 Spa was given access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager who helped Aldin set up internal integrations and deploy API’s. This made integration less complex because O2 Spa could house all integration assets in a universally consumable manner.

Enterprise integration is a facet of software enterprise architecture that focuses on connectivity. System interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments are some of the many layers within enterprise architecture that normally need to communicate with each other to procure the best user experience.