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How Customer Support is Driving Digital Transformation – Vittorio Barraja, PHD Media

Duration 35:00


Vittorio Barraja

Vittorio Barraja

Senior Director for Digital & E-commerce, PHD Media



Vittorio Barraja is the Senior Director for Digital & E-commerce at PHD Media and has a track record for driving business success through delivering high-level marketing (digital and offline) solutions while leading corporate marketing strategy. In addition, Vittorio Barrja as an industry expert has worked to attain growth and long-term market sustainability through delivering significant revenue growth and quantifiable Marketing ROI, producing successful commercial strategies, building high-performing marketing teams, and improving brand positioning.

We cover:

  • How does customer support fit the bill when talking about digital transformation?
  • How to create a sense of community with your username?
  • Understanding and dealing with customer expectations
  • How have customers responded to greater automated processes in support?