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S3E06 – Why Hyper-Personalisation and Omnichannel Support is the Future of CX – Nitin Somalaraju, Tech Mahindra

Duration 25:46


Nitin Somalaraju

Nitin Somalaraju

Conversational AI - Product Manager, Tech Mahindra



Nitin Somalaraju is a Conversational AI, Product Manager at Tech Mahindra and comes with over ​​9 years of IT and Management experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), business product management, and data-driven decisions. At Tech Mahindra Nitin works as a Product Manager for the Conversational Intelligence & Automation platform (Sayint), and his role requires him to work closely with the Product Design, Development, Marketing & Sales team to create a Product strategy & Implementation plan.

We cover:

  • How conversational AI has helped Customer Support?
  • What metrics should you keep in mind to effectively track customer sentiment?
  • Where is the Conversational AI space heading in the next 2 years?
  • What to keep in mind while investing in an AI chatbot?