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Personalisation at Scale in Customer Support – Arun Jagannathan, CrackVerbal

Duration 16:40


Arun Jagannathan

Arun Jagannathan

Co-Founder & CEO, CrackVerbal



Arun Jagannathan, over the past decade, has worn multiple hats as a tutor, an entrepreneur, and a technology manager. He started his career as a techie moving into a project management role before plunging full-time into entrepreneurship in 2011 when he co-founded CrackVerbal – currently India’s leading GMAT test prep and MBA Applications Consulting company. “English for India” is his second entrepreneurial venture, in which he helps companies meet their business outcomes through better employee communication. Arun likes to read online on digital marketing and productivity. He also mentored some startups on a pro bono basis. 

We cover: 

  • How crucial is customer support at CrackVerbal?
  • What impact did the pandemic have on customer support?
  • How has customer support as a space evolved?
  • What channels do customers prefer interacting with brands?
  • Impact of conversational AI on customer support