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Demystifying Voicebot Implementation for your Business

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Truth Untold: Busting 7 Myths Around Voicebot Implementation 

With the rise of personal voice assistants and the popularity of contactless experiences, people are getting comfortable with the idea of voice-enabled technology. The future is not far from where consumers expect voice options at self-checkouts, ATMs, elevators, and mobile apps – anywhere and everywhere. 

The top 5 business use cases for voice revolve around customer service and making information readily available (see image).

While there is a lot of positive reception for voice technology, some people are sceptical about how well it will take off. There are a lot of myths around Voicebot implementation technology which is keeping business leaders from exploring this game-changing innovation.

In this book, we will take 7 such myths and debunk them for you. We cover:

  1. What are voicebots?
  2. What can voicebots do for you? 
  3. Do you need a voicebot?
  4. 7 Myths Debunked
  5. Use-Cases
    1. Inbound Call Automation
    2. Outbound Call Automation