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Improve End-User Experience with Conversational AI in Banking (MENA)

With a higher Internet penetration than the global average, businesses in the Middle East were keen to adopt automation to handle incoming requests. Chatbots became a favourite. 

Institutions providing Banking and Financial Services loved the solution as financial inclusion looked even more achievable than ever before. However, the concern was more on the business efficiency than on the end-user experience.

The problem with the approach became sorely visible when people started complaining about the lack of human touch. It nudged the businesses, including banking institutions, towards providing unmatched digital experiences to their users. 

Conversational AI, however, can fill the gap with success.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is Conversational AI?
  • How Conversational AI Impacts Customer Support in Banking and Financial Services?
  • Self-Improving Conversational AI
  • Components of a Conversational AI
  • Implementing Conversational AI in the Banking Sector
  • Benefits of Conversational AI for the Banking and the Financial Institutions