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RISE Revolutionises Customer Service with’s Conversational AI Solution


Overall CSAT Score


Incoming Chats

RISE, South Africa’s leading fund administration and investment management company, provides its customers with a one-stop solution for retirement funds that is cost-effective and convenient.

RISE acknowledges that the element of convenience transcends customer support to make processes easier for their everyday customers. That’s when they asked to step in and deliver reliable and comfortable support experiences. 

Channels Added

AI Chatbot/ WhatsApp Chatbot

The Challenge

Every month, RISE’s members would call to inquire about their fund-related information, check claim status, and track claim payments.

They wanted to simplify their administrative systems, making them more user-friendly. However, the challenge arose when the volume of phone calls exceeded their staff’s capacity. Manual call handling led to delays in accessing information, resulting in a poor experience for fund members.

The Solution

To address this issue, RISE utilized’s Conversational AI tools and harnessed WhatsApp’s easy-to-use features to automate frequently asked questions and reduce the dependency on phone calls.

RISE’s goal was to ensure transparent, easy, and seamless processes for their members, empowering them to receive instant answers to their questions. played a crucial role in developing an automated system capable of effectively handling repetitive queries and promptly sharing critical information with members.

And the results were marvellous. 

The Result

RISE experienced a remarkable transformation in the quality of their customer experiences!

Their overall CSAT Score surged by an impressive 65%, and they witnessed a substantial increase of over 11,000 incoming chats.

What’s even more remarkable is that an automated conversational AI solution handled a staggering 89.69% of these chats on a monthly basis.

These astounding results solidified the notion that customers genuinely favour a self-serve model and prefer interacting with a Conversational AI solution that can swiftly and effectively address their queries!

Moreover,’s technology ensures that interactions with customers aren’t robotic.’s  Natural Language Processing engages users in natural, human-like conversations, thereby improving the customer’s satisfaction with the experience. 

What’s more,’s software development capabilities allow RISE to automate differently.

Additionally,’s software development capabilities allowed RISE to automate various tasks and conveniently connect with members through WhatsApp. This enabled members to seek assistance anytime and anywhere, fostering more engaging and accessible customer service.

In the words of Thobile Skosana, Legal and Compliance Assistant at RISE:

“At RISE, we prioritise our customers, and’s all-in-one solution with NLP capabilities has eliminated the need to develop Conversational AI tools internally. This cost-effective approach frees up our staff’s time for more challenging tasks.”

Please take a moment to watch this video featuring a client testimonial from  Thobile Skosana, Legal and Compliance Assistant at RISE.


“Due to its ability to integrate with several different platforms, is one of the most versatile Conversational AI platforms available in the market.” – Thobile Skosana, Legal and Compliance Assistant at RISE

“At RISE, we want to focus on our customers, and, with its all-in-one solution and NLP capabilities, removes the need to develop Conversational AI tools internally. It’s cost-effective and frees up our staff’s time for more challenging tasks.” – Thobile Skosana, Legal and Compliance Assistant at RISE