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CairoCart Resolves More than 50k Queries of their Customers


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The growing demand for home appliances eCommerce has tenfold in developing nations. From 2022 to 2028, the global e-commerce household appliances market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8%. But with it, comes its challenges of meeting the customer demand for faster query resolution and easier access to buy products, among others.

About Cairocart

The parent company Cairo Cart operates, an integrated electronics store based in Egypt. Sherif Ashraf and  Ayman Magdy found it in 2015. In addition to providing its customers with a unique shopping experience, CairoCart strives to provide them with a hassle-free shopping experience along with helping their clients with query resolution for products.

Challenges faced by CairoCart

Delayed Query Resolution

With the high influx of queries flying in customer support, Cairocart struggled to answer them promptly, which led to many customers reporting poor response rates and late replies. It also impacted Cairocart’s sales funnel and targets.

Lack of Omnichannel Support Automation

Another challenge that CairoCart faced was that even though they have an omnichannel support system, they had to assign agents for different channels. Agents had to manually check all the incoming queries and direct them to the correct department, which further delayed the time to respond to a waiting customer– impacting their CSAT.

Multiple Unread Messages

Even after assigning agents on different channels, the bulk of the incoming messages kept increasing, and many queries were going unanswered, leading to an increase in customer churn rate.

No Customer Support Monitoring

The customer support system responses and the process as a whole was going unmonitored, because of a lack of an agent monitoring system.

Our Solution – revamps the customer support for Cairocart Conversational AI experts ran a deep analysis to understand the areas where the solution could help. The main area that Cairocart needed support was in automating:

  • Sales queries
  • Tracking queries

Post the analysis, we deployed our solution across all their digital channels to automate their FAQs, and agent routing and consolidate the live agent dashboard in October.

 The channels deployed the solution:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

The bot assesses all incoming queries through all channels to resolve any FAQs and transfer complicated questions to the correct department.


Since CairoCart has adopted to automate its customer support solution, the bot has resolved more than 50K incoming queries. Out of these incoming queries, more than 20K queries were resolved by the bot without the need for human intervention.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Post-deployment, the bot was able to resolve most of the queries coming in itself and transfer only the complicated queries to the agents, which improved the average response time as well as CSAT for Cairocart.

Consolidated Live Agent Dashboard

Agents do not have to switch between channels anymore to check for incoming queries; now they just check’s Live agent dashboard to track all omnichannel incoming queries.

This also helped Cairocart in agent performance tracking.

No Unread Messages

With all incoming queries being answered by either the bot or transferred to the corresponding agent, no chats of customers are left unanswered. It has helped improve Cairocart’s NPS score and further aided them in meeting their sales targets.