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Revolutionizing Even’s Sales and Support with Conversational AI



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A crucial lesson we gleaned from the pandemic was the absence of a robust system for facilitating remote monitoring, consultation and home-based test bookings. This highlighted the pressing need for a seamless and accessible healthcare solution that could adapt to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring continuity of care even during challenging times. In India, the shift towards remote testing and consultations has been substantial. Studies indicate a 120% surge in home-based testing. This preference persists, offering the population the advantage of avoiding long queues for consultations, or tests.

A prominent player in the realm of remote, app-based consultations and healthcare in India encountered a surge in queries for remote consultations and insurance requests during the pandemic. Let’s delve into how they navigated this surge and continue to deliver exceptional services to their valued customers.

About Even

Even is revolutionising healthcare by providing free primary care consultations and diagnostics, coupled with a seamless cashless insurance cover through its IRDAI-licensed insurance partners. Members receive exclusive access to their in-house clinical team consisting of experienced doctors, and care managers, along with 24×7 member support for any health concerns. The team also designs personalised programs for members with existing ailments, health goals, or at risk of specific conditions, following a proactive managed care approach. 

At Even, a highly skilled clinical team meticulously analyses each member’s distinct health profile and lifestyle to craft customised managed care programs. These programs are designed to identify and mitigate risks at an early stage, preventing them from escalating into critical illnesses that necessitate hospitalisation.

Incorporated in Jan 2020 with operations beginning in Bengaluru in December 2021, Even has expanded from a team of 40 to 300+ dedicated professionals all working towards building a better blueprint for healthcare in India.

Challenge: Lack of Unified Communication Space

Platform Preference

Even’s preferred platform for member interactions was WhatsApp, but managing conversations across multiple devices and groups proved to be highly challenging.

Manual Handling Complexity 

The manual management of WhatsApp groups and chats was cumbersome and inefficient, leading to a high chance of oversight.

Risk of Missing Out

There was a significant risk of missing out on critical information, highlighting the urgent need for a more streamlined communication solution.

Unified Communication Necessity

Establishing a unified space for seamless member interactions became important for Even to ensure comprehensive outreach and support.

Solution: Leveraging Conversational AI for Streamlined Member Interaction and Sales

During the third wave of COVID-19, Even encountered a sharp increase in demand for their services. To efficiently manage user interactions, the company turned to Conversational AI solution– a decision that significantly transformed their operations.

Conversational AI provided users with a seamless channel to engage with Even, enabling them to effortlessly book consultations, tests, and access necessary support.

Besides efficient member support, this solution also aided Even’s top-of-the-funnel efforts, allowing users to explore and purchase plans.

Even found a powerful ally in Conversational AI, not just in its default functionality, but also in its remarkable capacity for customisation. This ability allowed the team to craft personalised canned messages and unique templates for specific outreach without the necessity of pre-approval.

The intuitive dashboard allowed Even to customise everything in minutes, freeing up a lot of time better utilised for urgent member support. This swift implementation from the dashboard provided Even with the flexibility they needed for their unique outreach strategies.

Elevating User Accessibility and Engagement

Besides helping the team acquire members,  has been instrumental in having multi-fold engagement with potential members on their preferred platform (Whatsapp) and preferred time (post work hours). The fastest cycle we’ve seen with has been 10 minutes, with the entire conversation happening over chat, without any calls.” – Madhur Mundada, Team Lead, Sales team at Even

The deployment of Conversational AI, particularly through WhatsApp, proved to be a game-changer for Even. This seamless integration with their backend systems ensured that users received timely updates and reminders, a critical factor in the realm of healthcare.

Effortless Accessibility

Users found it markedly easier to connect with Even, thanks to the streamlined communication facilitated by Conversational AI. This was particularly crucial in the context of health-related inquiries and data, where timeliness is of paramount importance.

Transforming Sales Dynamics

Even witnessed a notable shift in their sales process, with a majority of conversions happening through WhatsApp or chat. The ability to engage in continuous follow-ups, especially during after-work hours, proved instrumental in resolving queries and converting leads. Notably, the fastest cycle recorded with was an impressive 10 minutes and overall conversion rates have increased by 2%

Trackable Metrics

With in place, Even gained invaluable insights into their user interactions. They could now track response times and optimise their engagement strategies. The first response time was drastically reduced to a remarkable 40 seconds, ensuring that user queries were addressed promptly.

User-Centric Engagement 

Users appreciated the option to reply to messages and engage with a human on the other end. This human touch, coupled with the efficiency of AI-driven interactions, became a cornerstone of user satisfaction.

Data-Driven Incentive Structure

The integration of’s dashboard data allowed Even to make adjustments and improve its incentive structure. Even utilised Verloop’s real-time metrics to reward and motivate their support team agents, resulting in a noticeable enhancement in their performance.

Live Stats for Dynamic Decision-Making

The dashboard’s live statistics feature emerged as a vital tool for monitoring and enhancing agent productivity. In real-time, supervisors could track and assess agent activity, allowing for immediate adjustments to optimise operations.

Verloop’s live statistics ensured that any query, even though handled by different team members across different work hours, never felt fragmented. The team was able to monitor conversations and adhere to their predetermined TAT whilst retaining members’ confidence and making necessary critical decisions smoothly.

Customer Satisfaction Improved

The implementation of rapid response strategies and efficient issue resolution had a profound positive effect on the overall customer experience. This transformation resulted in a noteworthy 28% surge in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score.

Increase in Customer Engagement 

Engaging customers on their preferred communication platforms brings forth numerous advantages. One particularly noteworthy outcome was the substantial surge in traffic, with an impressive increase of 105% observed quarter on quarter through the outreach campaign alone.

The team has been super helpful and approachable. We’ve been able to suggest new ideas and customizations easily, and the dashboard with live statistics has been extremely helpful. In fact, we even designed an incentive structure internally based on that dashboard, which has worked well for us.” – Vandana Thutupalli, Senior Manager, Member Relations at Even