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WhatsApp Business Vs Facebook Messenger: Detailed Comparison

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WhatsApp Business Vs Facebook Messenger: Detailed Comparison

A good customer service strategy is the key driving force that takes the business up the ladder of success. With the advent of technology, businesses have shifted to the two best social media platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Facebook and WhatsApp users are increasing rapidly and are among the fundamental driving forces of the business revolution. The difference between WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger is highly based on the appearance, facility, and ease of access.

Around 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and 1 billion people using WhatsApp daily. Undoubtedly, the two are the best tools for businesses to interact with their customers. Both are instant messaging platforms that ensure a smooth and seamless connection with customers.

Even though both are great platforms for a business, a few questions need to be answered while deciding which one is better. Questions like “What is the difference between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business?” are essential to understand.

WhatsApp Business and its Advantages for Customer Experience 

The time a user spends on smartphone devices is increasing daily. The number of users on WhatsApp is also increasing with a steep curve. This offers leverage to businesses to seek opportunity and connect with their customer base to share their product or services updates. 

WhatsApp Business is free to use installation and has emerged to be a great tool of salesmanship, a solution provider, and a business partner for all enterprises. The main advantages of using WhatsApp Business are:

  • The users are already present and active on the platform, allowing businesses to expand their reach seamlessly.
  • Being the platform that uses end-to-end encryption, this is safe and secure for both businesses and customers.
  • Usually, this is a two-way approach to connecting with the customers. Even with a proactive approach, it is not annoying and allows the potential customers to respond as per their comfort.
  • The use of the WhatsApp chatbot to connect with customers during off business hours is one of the features that keep the customer engaged and informed at the same time.

Facebook Business and its Advantages for Customer Experience 

Facebook Business is another great tool to connect with customers through the social media platform. Allowing the businesses to create a separate business page, run ads, and promotions for the customers, Facebook Business offers smooth communication by keeping the customers informed.

Installing the chatbot in the messenger that can communicate with the customer is also a great option. The significant benefits of using the Facebook Business and Messenger services are:

  • It offers seamless website integration that allows the customer to navigate the parent site and look for the available options and variants.
  • Companies can exchange messages or connect online easily with Messenger, allowing the customers a smooth and favourable environment to interact.
  • The platform is more focused on automation. When the customer views any of the products listed on the page, the platform initiates the various similar options in the feed to increase the sale potential.
  • This is a proactive marketing tool with the facility to look for buyers’ reviews, and ads to enhance the online existence. 

The question that still pertains is “What is the difference between Facebook and WhatsApp?” So let us have a look at the difference between the two in brief:

Comparison: Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp Business 

One of the most common questions that businesses might face while setting up the social media platform as a support is to find an answer to Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp. Which platform to start or build support on? The user must compare important features offered by them to answer this.

So, the main differences between WhatsApp business and Facebook messenger are listed below:

1. Accessibility and reach

The first aspect for business to consider is accessibility and reach. Facebook has 2.6 billion users while WhatsApp has 2 billion users, which means considering Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp 2020, Facebook is better. Though both the figures are explicitly high and ensure better business profitability, the one that offers a broader reach is more desirable to expand the business.

2. Time spent by users on Facebook vs WhatsApp

The time a user spends on social media offers a business the opportunity to tap the customers attention on that channel and connect with them. When it comes to Facebook, a user, on average, spends 19.5 hours monthly while it is 19.4 hours monthly for WhatsApp. 

Though the difference in the time is not very high, Facebook has a slight edge over WhatsApp.

3. Privacy, encryption, and safety

Is Messenger safer than WhatsApp? The biggest concern of the customers while connecting with the businesses online is the safety and security of their data.

WhatsApp Business offers end-to-end encryption, business account verification, and secure payment transactions as unique gestures for business. On the other hand, Facebook business encrypts the message from sender to its server and again encrypts it from server to receiver.

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook also does the business account verification. However, not every business need to verify. In fact, in some cases, your business might be ineligible for verification (depends on what product and services you are using).

Considering the safety features, WhatsApp is better. Still, Facebook assures that the basic features are incorporated and highly maintained.

4. Guest mode for non-account holders

One of the concerns of the customers is regarding sharing their information. For WhatsApp, when the person connects to the business, the contact details are shared at the very moment. But in Facebook, the details remain concealed until the user wishes to share and move ahead.

So, for those end-users who wish to keep their contact concealed, Facebook is a better choice.

5. Campaign suitability

Last but not least, this is linked to the promotional activities that a business undertakes to reach potential clients. According to Reuters Institute Digital Report 2020, 36% of the people visited Facebook to know about the ongoing news, campaigns, launches, and collaborations. While only 16% visit WhatsApp to know about the same details. However, WhatsApp sees a high open rate and response rate to proactive messages.

Conclusion – which is better: WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger?

The major difference between WhatsApp business and Facebook messenger is the ecosystem that they’re developed in. Businesses and brands face the question of connectivity while launching their customer support. End users prefer platforms that are easy to use and access to know about the business and their products. As of 2021, 200 million small businesses registered over Facebook Business whereas the download of WhatsApp Business counts to 50 million.

Undoubtedly, Facebook Business has leverage over WhatsApp Business regarding the features and facilities, but using the omnichannel approach can offer the business advantage of integrating both the platforms in one. 

Either way, the first question a business should ask is where their customers are. And offer support on that channel first before expanding to other platforms.

Verloop.io is one of the best partners for customer support on multiple channels, such as Website chatbots, Facebook chatbots, WhatsApp AI chatbot and Instagram chatbots. Offering a bridge between the customer and business, the Facebook and WhatsApp users of the business segment can tap potential prospects effectively.

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