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Verloop.io’s Outreach Solution on WhatsApp Business API

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Verloop.io’s Outreach Solution on WhatsApp Business API

In this fast-paced world, businesses need to be quick regarding marketing. That includes getting information to prospects and customers. With Verloop.io’s outreach solution, you can quickly get in touch with your customers and prospects and even engage them to drive them to sales.

Speaking of outreach, what do you think is the best platform for outreach?

Social channels like Facebook and Instagram?

Or the messaging platform where all your customers are, despite their geographical location? 

Yes, you guessed it right!

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging platform, with over 2 billion global users; It becomes the clear choice for outreach campaigns. But how can you do it at scale?

This blog will look at how you can use WhatsApp Business API on Verloop.io’s Outreach solution to market your business and even engage with them to lead them to sales.

But first, let’s understand what an outreach campaign is.

Outreach Campaign Explained

Outreach programs or campaigns focus on delivering free information about the product or service to potential customers. It can be done to send offer-related, discount, product updates, and other general information to the customers at scale. You can do this via influencers, social channels or blast emails and messages.

Why Run an Outreach Campaign on WhatsApp?

The more defined the outreach marketing strategy, the better the results.

That is the reason defining your strategy’s why, what, whom, and what is so important before you even start. 

As to why it is essential?

Here is a list to consider:

Product and Offer Updates

With the outreach campaign, you can inform your customers at a scale of any product updates or even notify them of a discount or offer you are about to run. It will help you drive sales and get in front of customers. 

Lead Generation

Outreach marketing or campaign allows you to reach a wider audience at scale. You can directly engage with customers on the platform they are and provide them with personalised offers post engaging the customers, making the campaign highly effective.

Now that you know what an outreach campaign is let me tell you more about Verloop.io’s outreach solution.

Verloop.io’s Outreach Solution

The Outreach solution from Verloop.io enables businesses to reach out to their prospects with campaigns and outbound messages through the WhatsApp channel. And once the customer responds to the outreach message on WhatsApp, companies can engage with Verloop.io’s WhatsApp API-enabled bot.

How to Create an Outreach Campaign on Verloop.io?

You can trigger the campaign to your customers either through 

  • Excel
  • API

But before triggering, here are a few steps that you need to do:

Step 1: Click “+ New Outreach” in the top right corner.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a detailed section view: Here,
a. Enter the name of your campaign
b. Enter tags which might help you with search and analytics in future

Step 3: Choose how to trigger your campaign for your customers.

Via Excel
a. Trigger your WhatsApp campaign using an Xls document.
b. In this use case, you will preset when to send the campaign and provide the list of recipients and respective placeholder/variable values in the message body.
c. Verloop automatically triggers the campaigns row-wise at the user-set time using the excel file provided.
d. You may not need the help of your development team.


a. Trigger your WhatsApp campaign using an API.

b. Variables like campaign id, recipient phone number, name, content specific variables in your campaign are all handled using the API.

c. API-based triggers are helpful when you have a dynamic list of recipients and respective information to be sent whenever the sender feels necessary.

d. You may need the help of your development team

Step 4: Select the Message/template you want to send to your visitor through this outreach.
i. You can search for an existing template/message by
a. template name
b. message body itself
ii. You can glance at the preview of the chosen template on the mobile device in the RHS.

Step 5: How to add a new template to the list?
i. Click on “+ Add Approved Message”
ii. Fill in details like
a. Template name
b. Whatsapp Template id
c. Language
d. Whatsapp template type

1. Text
2. Image
3. Document

iii. Enter the Template message.
iv. Enable/Disable Whatsapp buttons (2 types, Max 3 buttons allowed by Whatsapp)

a. Call to action
Choose between 2 types:- Call the phone number, or visit the website.
Enter respective button text.

b. Quick reply
Enter respective button text.
v. Enable/Disable save response as a variable option
a. Choose which variable to store this data to.
b. Choose what to store when the response by the visitor is invalid.
Once you have chosen the template/message to trigger, click next.

Step 6. Choose which recipe to trigger and publish your campaign.

Run Outreach Campaigns With Verloop.io to Drive Your Sales

You must reach your prospects at the right time regarding outreach. 

This will help you engage with the right people and drive sales and profits. But how do you do this? 

You can’t just broadcast a message to your database and hope they will respond. You must get your news in front of the right people at the right time. That is the secret to effective outreach. Thankfully, there is a tool that makes reaching your customers at the right time more effortless than ever. This tool is Verloop.io. Verloop.io will enable you to contact your customers through the channels they use most. It is a tool that will help you drive sales and profits on autopilot. So if you want to reach your customers at the right time, ask for a demo now.

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