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21 Most Frequently Asked Questions On WhatsApp Business

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21 Most Frequently Asked Questions On WhatsApp Business

New to WhatsApp Business? Or looking for answers somewhere? Here are the 21 most frequently asked questions on WhatsApp Business.

Ever since Facebook launched WhatsApp Business in 2018, the product has seen several transitions over the years. The processes and policies evolved, leaving many users with queries and doubts about how to get started and use the app efficiently. If you are new to WhatsApp Business or just have a few questions that need to be answered, you’re on the right page.

Here are 21 such questions that trump the chart on search engines. Let’s get started!

1. How to use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download app available for iOS and Android. You can start using your WhatsApp Business in seven simple steps:

  1. Download WhatsApp for your mobile phone through App Store or Play Store
  2. Review the terms of service and press “Agree and Continue” if they are alright with your business terms
  3. Register your account by filling in information like country code and phone number. An SMS verification OTP will be sent to you to verify your business phone number. Complete the verification
  4. Allow the app access to the media files on your device and your contacts
  5. Complete your account by filling in the details of your business
  6. Build a detailed business profile by tapping on “Explore”
  7. Begin marketing or chatting with your consumers

Understand this process in detail: How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account

2. Why is WhatsApp Business important?

WhatsApp Business is a way of interacting with consumers on a platform they spend a lot of time using. The number, in fact, stands at an average of 38 minutes per day for Android users. With WhatsApp Business, your business gets the opportunity to:

  • Get exposure to a wide consumer base – local or global
  • Tap into this high-engagement messaging app to leverage for marketing purposes
  • Easily start automated chats with consumers to assist them with queries, garner feedback, send promotional content and important updates and offers directly and personally
  • Reduce customer service response times
  • Scale operations as per requirement.

Know the wide range of benefits you can get from a WhatsApp Business account.

3. How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users?

WhatsApp Business doesn’t directly support profile management for multiple users. Only a single user can access one WhatsApp Business account per phone number. However, the company does provide a WhatsApp Business API that allows the integration of the app to conversational AI platforms, allowing multiple users to respond to consumer messages through the software. Businesses can switch to WhatsApp API as they grow – medium to large enterprises need to sign up for WhatsApp Business API to accommodate their extensive communication needs.

Find out what sets WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API apart in our detailed comparison blog – WhatsApp Business Vs WhatsApp Business API

4. Does WhatsApp Business cost money?

WhatsApp Business is completely free to download, set up and use. However, using a WhatsApp Business API for larger scales may incur costs. Registering over WhatsApp API requires prior approval from WhatsApp before you can start using it. Additionally, businesses are charged for the messages they send to consumers after 24 hours. If your business replies to a customer’s messages within 24 hours, there is no fee.

Know the exact mechanism behind how WhatsApp charges its API users: All You Need To Know About WhatsApp Business Pricing In 2022.

Here’s also your go-to recipe to create great WhatsApp message templates.

Note: WhatsApp doesn’t offer a free Open API either.

5. Does WhatsApp Business have a payment option?

Yes, the WhatsApp Business account allows businesses to set up payment options for their consumers right through the chat interface. All you need to do is set up your business account, add your payout account details, and start using the app to sell to consumers. The app also supports credit, debit and combo card payments at a 3.99% transaction fee. You can also initiate refunds through the app. Moreover, WhatsApp also allows Indian users to make payments through its UPI feature – WhatsApp Pay.

6. Does WhatsApp Business record calls?

No, WhatsApp does not automatically record any of your calls with your consumers. It also does not support the function of call recording on the app. All the conversations with your consumers – whether chats or calls or media sharing – is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring conversational privacy. However, there are third-party plugins or apps available on the application market that may give you the recording functionality.

7. Does WhatsApp Business show delete messages?

Officially, WhatsApp Business does not display any deleted messages. Once the message is sent, the sender gets an option to either “Delete only for me” or “Delete for everyone”. Based on what the sender selects, the messages are then deleted for both the parties (sender and receiver) or just the sender. If you wish to recover deleted messages, you may have to look for third-party apps.

8. Does WhatsApp Business have a status feature?

WhatsApp has updated its Business Accounts in 2021 with the capability to upload statuses and let users know what’s happening. It can be done by navigating to the Status tab on the app interface, tapping on the profile picture icon and uploading the desired media.

9. Does WhatsApp Business account show online?

No, WhatsApp Business does not update the status activity of the user on the business profile (online, offline or last seen). This feature was available earlier in 2021; however, currently, it has been removed. The consumers chatting with a business account can only see “Business Account” in the status of the brand they chat with. However, on the desktop or web versions of the app, users may still be able to update their business account status.

10. Are business accounts on WhatsApp safe?

When a conversation happens between a consumer and a business over WhatsApp business, it is encrypted end-to-end as far as the app is concerned. The information the consumers and businesses share with each other are then subject to the privacy policy and practices of the business involved, the vendors or executives it authorises for access and interaction with consumers.

11. How to make your WhatsApp account a business account?

The migration process from standard to a business account is largely automatic. Follow these steps:

  • Create a backup of your WhatsApp data in the standard app
  • Download and install the WhatsApp Business app, and launch it
  • Review the terms and conditions of service, and register
  • WhatsApp Business will automatically recognise your number on the standard account and migration will begin
  • You can choose to restore your data from the backup you made when prompted
  • Allow the app access to media on your device
  • Set up an account and your business profile on WhatsApp Business
  • Start chatting!

If you want to dig deeper: Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to create a WhatsApp Business account from scratch (and how you can convert your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business. 

12. How to use dual WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business inherently does not support the feature of allowing two accounts to run on the same phone number. However, depending on the device you are using, you can set up parallel apps to support two accounts on the same phone. Parallel app set up can be found in the settings of your device, under many names like “Twin Apps”, “Dual Messenger”, “App Clone” and many more.

13. Why has WhatsApp Business banned my number?

WhatsApp Business typically bans a business or number in case there has been a violation in terms of service. The user receives a message that says “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”

In order to prevent your business account number from getting banned on WhatsApp Business, read the Acceptable Terms of Service thoroughly and understand the activity that may get you banned so you can prevent it from happening.

14. Why are WhatsApp Business notifications not coming?

There can be several reasons why you may be unable to see WhatsApp Business notifications on your mobile phone:

  • Your internet connectivity may be down
  • The “Do Not Disturb” setting on your device may be interfering with the notifications
  • The background data on your phone may be restricted

If readjusting these settings doesn’t solve the problem, try:

  • Rebooting your device
  • Logging out, then logging back into your WhatsApp Business account
  • Making sure you have the latest version of the application
  • Uninstalling task killers

15. Why is WhatsApp Business not updating?

There may be several causes leading to a failure in updating WhatsApp Business. Some of the most common troubles are:

  • Your mobile device has insufficient space on the disk, in which case it will prevent the download and installation process unless space is cleared up
  • There may be compatibility issues with the mobile device model you use and the app version you are trying to update. The latest version may not support running on some of the older phone models
  • Several errors sometimes prevent the app from installing correctly. You can read them in detail here.

16. Why is WhatsApp Business not installing?

If your mobile’s operating system is failing to install WhatsApp Business, there can be several errors preventing it from happening. Error codes associated with installation problems are 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941 and DF-DLA-15. To rectify these errors, you will need to first remove your Google account associated with the device, and restart your phone. Add your Google account once again and see if this works.

You can also try clearing your device’s cache and removing Play Store data, and reinstalling WhatsApp.

17. Does WhatsApp Business have WhatsApp Web?

Yes, WhatsApp Business supports the WhatsApp Web function. To access it, you need to navigate to the menu in the top right corner of your mobile app and go to the WhatsApp Web option. It will open a QR code scanner. Visit the WhatsApp Web webpage on your desktop browser and scan the QR code that is displayed. This will take a few seconds; the WhatsApp Web interface will open up on your desktop.

18. How to open WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

WhatsApp Business currently does not support the function of allowing the same business account to run on multiple devices. With that said, it does provide an alternative way to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices through Web, Desktop and Portal. Through this Beta version, the company is testing usability on multiple devices without needing to keep the phone connected.

The Beta version currently supports operating WhatsApp on four devices at a time, but still have only one phone in the entire mix on a single account.

19. How to send bulk messages through WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp does not authorise the use of automated bulk messaging, claiming that it is a direct violation of their terms of service. The platform is intended to be used for private messaging and business/commerce conversations with clients and customers. However, certain capabilities, through WhatsApp Business API, make it possible for businesses to link their CRMs and other customer-focused interaction solutions to the messenger and interact with them at a mass scale.

It is still possible to create messaging lists from your contacts and send them messages all at once, however, that may violate the terms of service and you may risk banning your business account.

However, WhatsApp does allow businesses to create groups and/or use the broadcast feature to communicate with multiple users. Both of these functionalities differ in a few ways. If you want to know more about how you can use these features and which one suits you the best, check out: WhatsApp Group Vs WhatsApp Broadcast: Which Should You Use? 

20. How can I get a virtual number on WhatsApp?

Virtual numbers are created for the purpose of redirecting phone calls to numbers associated with a telephone line. To get one for use with WhatsApp Business, you may need to look at third-party applications that provide this service, because WhatsApp Business does not provide inbuilt virtual numbers as of yet.

21. How to create a WhatsApp Business group?

Creating a Business group in WhatsApp Business can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Go to the Chats tab
  • Navigate to New Chat, you will see the New Group option appear. Tap on it
  • WhatsApp Business will now ask you to add contacts to this group. Select from your directory and add the contacts
  • After selecting the contacts you want to add to the group, you will need to enter a name for it.
  • When you are done, tap Create.

Want to get started with WhatsApp Business and scale along the way?

You’d want to consider switching to WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp offers a remarkably wider spectrum of features and functionalities for its API users. From WhatsApp chatbot to high-quality template automated communication, WhatsApp API can help you scale your business along the way. 

Got more questions? Or want to give it a try? Let our team at Verloop.io know. We’d love to walk you through the limitless possibilities WhatsApp offers for a business like yours. Additionally, check out our comprehensive free guide on acing customer support on WhatsApp!

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