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Guide to Common Whatsapp Business FAQs in 2023

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Guide to Common Whatsapp Business FAQs in 2023

Think about how often we use our WhatsApp to chat with friends, family & relatives. Just imagine how businesses would react if they could do the same with their customers. WhatsApp Business fills this gap. In a sense, call it a magic tool that assists SMEs in communicating easily with their consumers. But it is not always easy to use. 

Many times business owners try to reply to a lot of queries but end up not responding and miss their sales chances. This could be quite frustrating & expensive.

As of June 2023, more than 200 million users of WhatsApp business were recorded around the world. That’s what makes a big deal of WhatsApp Business. To resolve these issues, it assists businesses in communicating with clients as easily as they would do while texting a friend. In this post, we will take an expert look & answer the top frequently asked questions related to WhatsApp Business. 

We will explain how it can change the lives of businesses for the better & bring them closer to their clients. Let us begin for now.

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What is WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business app is a specially designed version of the popular WhatsApp app for businesses. While regular WhatsApp is great for effective communication, WhatsApp business is designed especially to make it easy for businesses to communicate with their clients or potential buyers. It is a special feature that includes a section known as “business profile” which enables businesses to post crucial information about them such as address & business hours.

You can also set quick replies for commonly asked questions & auto-messages to welcome your customers or tell them you will respond shortly. It is also very easy for business entities to differentiate between professional & personal messages.

In short, WhatsApp Business turns the familiar WhatsApp experience into a top-notch tool for business communication.

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How To Set Up A WhatsApp Business Account?

After creating the Whatsapp Business account, setting it up is quite straightforward. Here are the steps to follow for both Android & iOS devices:

For Android Users:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store.
  • You’ll need to verify your business phone number. This is a crucial step as it links your account to your business.
  • If you have an existing backup, you can restore your account. This is optional.
  • Choose a business name carefully, as it will represent your business on WhatsApp.
  • To complete your profile, tap More options (three dots at the top-right corner) > Settings > your business name. Here, you can add important details about your business.

For iOS Users:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Apple App Store.
  • Similar to Android, start by verifying your business phone number.
  • If you have a backup, you have the option to restore your account during setup.
  • Assign a business name that accurately represents your business.
  • Go to Settings > your business name to complete your profile. This is where you can add business details that your customers will see.

Unique Requirement:

It’s worth also highlighting, that although it would be possible to use both the WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Messenger, they should still belong to different numbers. One can’t apply a single number for these applications at the same time. This ensures a clear distinction between your personal & business communications.

What Are the Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business for My Business?

The benefits of WhatsApp Business are as follows:

  • Cost-Effective: This is a cheap method of advertising to consumers.
  • Easy Setup: The application is easy to download & operate.
  • Valuable Insights: Useful information regarding customer interactions.
  • Wide Reach: Reach out to a huge group of people because several people use WhatsApp.
  • Quick Responses: Enables faster response to client inquiries.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Improves customer experience by way of direct contact.
  • Showcase Offerings: Conveniently showcase your products & services.
  • Secure Communication: All messages are encrypted, end-to-end ensuring privacy.

Can I Use WhatsApp Business for Free?

WhatsApp Business is completely free to download & use, available for both Android & iPhone users. It is specially designed for small business owners that help improve business-to-customer transactions.

Contrary to the ordinary Whatsapp application, Whatsapp Business offers extra functionalities such as automation tools, message prioritization, & immediate responses free of charge. As such, it offers a viable option for firms that want to interact with their clients at a lower cost than usual. However, WhatsAppBusiness API has a pricing plan attached to it.

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How Can I Customise My Business Profile on WhatsApp Business?

To customize your WhatsApp Business profile, click on the three dots in the app & select “Settings”. Here, you can add vital details like your company’s address, a brief description of your business, your email address, & operating hours, if applicable. 

Giving out such details will enable the customers to identify your business & be able to relate to it.

What Messaging Features Does WhatsApp Business Offer?

WhatsApp Business offers several unique messaging features to enhance customer communication:

  • Business Profile: Create a virtual storefront with your logo, business description, hours, & website.
  • Greeting Message: Automatically welcome new customers initiating a conversation.
  • Away Messages: Set automatic responses for messages received outside business hours.
  • Quick Replies: Use shortcuts to send messages promptly & answer the most common questions swiftly.
  • Labels: Organise & filter customer conversations for simple access & quick responses.

Can I Schedule Messages on WhatsApp Business?

Yes, you can easily schedule all your messages on WhatsApp Business. Go through the below steps:

  • Access WhatsApp Business & navigate to Settings.
  • Select the option Business Tools.
  • Tap on Away Message & switch on the Send away message option.
  • Type up your message within the message field.
  • From the next menu, choose “Send Away Message” & select “Only Send to” in recipients.
  • Hit the option “Schedule” & put it as per your business working hours.

How Can I Use Automated Responses on WhatsApp Business?

In WhatsApp Business, you can create automatic replies for various scenarios. Below are some scenarios & examples for you:

  • Greeting messages: Greet customers in a positive tone once they start chatting with you.

“Ex: Hello! Thank you for getting in touch with our company. May I be of any assistance today?”

  • Quick replies: Write generic standard responses for commonly & frequently asked questions.

“Ex: Select ‘product’ for viewing product details & ‘support’ for support.”

  • Away messages: Tell your customers when you are not working & unavailable.

“Ex: Our team is not working today, but will be back in a few hours.”

  • Order updates: Give real-time information on order progress & location.

“Ex: “Hello! Your order number 123456 has been shipped. Click here [Tracking Link].”

Is There A Business Verification Process on WhatsApp Business?

Yes! Here are the steps for the business verification process on WhatsApp Business:

  • Access WhatsApp Business Manager & navigate to Business settings > Security Center.
  • Click on “Start Verification” in the Business Verification section.
  • Select the country where your organization is registered.
  • Provide essential organization details like Business Legal Name, Address, Business Phone Number, & Website, ensuring they match your supporting documents.
  • Choose a verification method, which can include receiving a code by Email, Phone call, Text message (SMS), or performing a Domain verification.
  • Submit supporting documents such as a Certificate of Incorporation, Business License, and business Bank Account Statement to verify your business information.
  • Confirm the email address or phone number you used for verification.
  • Enter the verification code received through email, SMS, or call.
  • Meta’s team will review your documents, & you’ll receive a confirmation email once your business is verified.

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How Can I Measure the Performance of My Business on WhatsApp Business?

  • Monitor Conversation Insights: Track key WhatsApp conversation metrics such as response times, message open rates, & customer engagement with WhatsApp Manager.
  • Set up Attribution Modelling: Use attribution modeling to know which communications on WhatsApp led to conversions so that you can point out the best communication channels for your company.
  • Compare Campaign Performance: Compare your WhatsApp campaign’s performance to those in a past marketing effort you might have conducted, so as to determine their impacts.
  • Cross-Channel Comparison: Compare your WhatsApp campaigns with other alternative marketing tools such as emails & social media to find out what is giving you good results.
  • A/B Testing: Try as many message templates on WhatsApp as you can, in order for you to know what really works with your people & adjust your communication strategy based on that, or whatever works as well as that.

Can I Use WhatsApp Business for Marketing Purposes?

WhatsApp Business is an excellent marketing tool. Here are some tips for effective marketing & promotions on the platform.

  • Create a Business Profile: Develop an authentic business account with the company’s full name, logo, and phone number.
  • Use Broadcast Lists: Send out bulk communication to your numerous contacts about the latest updates, promotions, new merchandise, etc.
  • Automated Responses: Engage the customers through using computer-generated responses 24 hours a day and quick resolutions of recurrent inquiries.
  • Personalized Messaging: Build stronger relationships with customers by sending different personalized messages.
  • WhatsApp Status: Do not forget to post your promotional content as a WhatsApp status to maximize the coverage.
  • Customer Feedback: Seek customer feedback and reviews to improve your products/services.
  • Analytics: Pay attention to the open rate and engagement of your messages as you adjust your marketing strategies.

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Final Say

To sum up, this detailed WhatsApp Business FAQ guide should have equipped you with all the knowledge necessary for the proper utilization of this efficient business communication platform. Now you know its features, its benefits, and the ideal procedures for different business objectives as well.

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