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Why Voice-Based Customer Support is the Future?

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Why Voice-Based Customer Support is the Future?

Voice-based support makes customer interactions easy, quick and efficient. We look at what makes it the customer support of the future.

Voice-based support is fast-rising as the preferred mode of customer support. Many brands are looking at better ways to improve customer experience.

Voice AI allows the customers to interact with Conversational AI by offering voice commands.

While there’s an increase in the demand for people to connect with the support team to resolve queries, a need to develop voice-activated chatbots has also emerged.

A survey suggested that 51% of consumers aged between 14 and 17 prefer using speech or voice recognition interface or device, while for the 18-34 age group, the percentage is 38%, 27% for 35-55, and 15% for above 55.

Another survey suggests that 41% of people who own voice-activated devices prefer them as it mimics the sense of talking to a human.

Simultaneously, text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) technologies are emerging and developing rapidly.

Let us briefly look at AI-based voice customer service and what is voice assistant support?

What are voicebots?

Voice support is one of the finest innovations in recent years. Companies can reduce the burden on agents by offering a facility to communicate with voicebots and have human-like interactions. This has facilitated the transfer of general and repetitive questions to a quick resolution model.

According to a prediction made by Gartner, 25% of customers will be diverted to voice interaction bots by 2023. But the question that persists in this context is, ‘what is voice customer service?’

In the simplest terms, voicebots are advanced computer programs based on AI-powered speech recognition technology. It allows the computer to listen to a customer’s queries and respond with the appropriate answer.

According to Forbes, approximately 50% of the searches will be based on voice assistants, starting prominently with conversational banking.

The best example of the voicebot application in real life is in banks, especially for credit cards. Using voicebots in the banking industry has reduced the overall wait time by 92% and increased the first call success rate by 80%, suggests Capgemini.

The main question that arises over here is, what are the main reasons that have pushed brands to adapt to voice-based customer support?

Why are brands moving to voice technology?

Their extraordinary ability to analyse, ingest, connect, communicate, understand and respond makes voicebots one of the finest customer support tools. Almost 71% of people have shifted to voice-based searches from the keyboard, and 53% are already using voicebots for their daily shopping needs.

A few of the main reasons for the shift to the use of voice-based customer support are:

1. Empowered customer service and experience

Voice automation has been adopted in various significant places. Various repetitive questions are answered daily by the customer service team. Using the voicebot, one can reduce the task pressure and empower serviceability. Additionally, voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion by 2022 from $1.8 billion in 2017, as per TechCrunch.

2. Voice-based workplace

Being in a situation where the pandemic is at its peak, the physical contact between consumers and brands is in jeopardy. Especially during uncertain times, when the customers and brands cannot connect offline, using voicebots can be beneficial. Diverting the increasing pressure on customer support by adopting voice support is the perfect option.

Using voice assistants, remote workers can stay connected with their teams, get updates, share details, and know about the daily schedule. The voicebot can be programmed with all the details and can assure that all the work is performed effectively and accurately.

3. Future of search and SEO

The world is now more dependent on the use of keywords as today SEO-based searches are prominent. Today, almost everyone uses an Alexa, a Siri or a Google Assistant, either on the phone or on connected home devices.

Using a voicebot that can identify the keyword, offer the solution and keep track of the latest trends can help businesses drive better algorithms. Especially for small businesses, a voicebot is a boon as 46% of searches aims to find local business information.

4. AI-based knowledge and data recording

One can use AI voice customer service to design various knowledge capturing applications. This can help in better recording and analysis of the information. Using voicebots to record and summarise meeting minutes is also one of the finest technology applications for brands. The general public can use it to set reminders.

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Benefits of voice-based customer support 

Voice-based customer support comes with a lot of benefits for users as well as brands. The significant benefits that a voicebot offers are:

1. Faster resolution of queries

The use of the voicebot ensures faster resolution for general, standard and repetitive queries. Additionally, the customer is not required to be held in the waiting line. Offering 24*7 customer support, voicebots are the best scheduling agents available.

2. Better meet customer needs

Customer satisfaction is of primary importance for all businesses. Using the voicebot as the point of interaction, the brand can typically solve the queries in real-time and at the customer’s convenience. Voicebots meet the basic customer need of time urgency and language connection. It can help customers know about the product and service seamlessly.

3. More inclusive 

The technological advancements are great for all, but there are instances where the elderly and uneducated may face issues. Most of the problems are linked to properly framing the query and typing it. This is where voice support can act as an effective tool. Voicebots can recognise the voice commands and respond accordingly. In fact, 63% of marketers believe that having a voice application on a smartphone is highly important.

4. Customers can express themselves clearly 

While connecting to customer support, there are options to send a query through email, chat or voice. Though the possibility of getting it resolved using any of these ways is high, utilising the voicebot can ensure that the customer can express their concern with emotion. As per Campaign Monitor, 74% of respondents prefer using voicebot for their queries.

5. Personalise customer experience 

A voicebot offers the choice to select the language in which the customer wants to interact. Using the voicebot, the customer moves towards a more personalised and customised approach, ensuring they are listened to and valued.

6. Human-like conversations

Voicebots are here to stay. Using voice support is an outstanding achievement that offers a friendly experience and chance to connect with human-like technology. Around 41% of people have committed that using voice-activated devices make them feel like communicating with a human or, rather say, a friend.

With the immense benefits that voicebots offer, there are multiple applications in various sectors, discussed in the next section.

Voice-based customer support: a futuristics technology

To conclude, voice search is 3.7 times faster than typing, according to Stanford, and is indeed the future of brands and customer service.

62% of respondents use voicebots for multitasking. It means a user can use the voicebot while driving, cooking, or even working.

Voice support is increasing at an incredible pace based on its wide application. Voicebots are indeed the point of contact for customer engagement in the future.

With the expectations that voice assistants will outnumber the global population by 2024, according to Statista, a voicebot is perfect for cross-selling, upselling, and customer experience.

Developing voice-based customer support with the touch of AI, Verloop.io is taking conversations to another level. We offer friendly and straightforward technological support to reduce time, cost, and pressure while ensuring effectiveness at its peak.

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